Left Motivated To Build More – Grow a Global Empire From Asia

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Left Motivated To Build More – Grow a Global Empire From Asia

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The Gary Vee and Rise Conference has re-ignited my passion to do what I am doing – to build a platform to help businesses grow a global empire from Asia direct. Seeing all the startups and speakers, and of course a front row seat at Gary Vee’s visit to Startup Grind HK really motivated me.

Its been 10 years in the making – but all these years of experience and connections are synergizing together and building up a massive platform to help SME (small to medium sized) entrepreneurs from around the world to grow their empire.

Location really doesn’t matter – but I feel if you are going to pick one – Asia is a top choice. The development here just doesn’t seem to be slowing down. I remember reading the negative press in English press when I came out to China in 2007 about how it was a bubble and going to crash but I truly believe the world powers are changing. This will be a generation shift – like my grandparents moved to America from Europe to build a new life.

Something I have been betting on – and almost nervous it would come true – because it is emotional for me to continue to see America go down in power and influence. But I think like Warren Buffet and go where the money is flowing. Even back to the 1990s when I was working at a machine shop (barridon) in Hartford – the work was being outsourced to India. I remember a manager in the engineering department got me onto the idea that all this outsourcing of engineering and manufacturing to India, China, and other parts of the world will reduce the core competency of America.

It was probably then, like in 1997, when this idea started to grow in my mind. Of course it makes sense – if you keep outsourcing your skilled work – the people receiving that work will get more experience and grow their own “network”. And then once the new people learn all the skills, they can then create their own products and services.

The world is flat – I am not a fan of countries and governments – it seems like artificial barriers between human beings. We are all humans, and by governments building borders to keep other people from a different race out – doesn’t that foster hate and racism?

I believe government will become less and less relevant as the internet and technology develop. The role of a government isn’t what it used to be. But of course, why would they want to give up their power? And who would take its place? Facebook, Google, and Wechat become the new internet governments? We live in an internet world already- I post this on Facebook and “cross-border” conversations start right up – no need for a passport to have these people connect with each other.

So – I think the most strategic place to be is here in Asia. It is still growing rapidly, and you can be FASTER. My friend Laurent LePen wrote up an article that if you are doing hardware, you need to base yourself in Shenzhen, China or you will fail.

This is what the wold has created. All the knowledge, experience, and tools are in Shenzhen, China now for electronics manufacturing. Silicon Valley is just a place for investors and mentors now? I see a lot of those entrepreneurs flying in here trying to figure it out – when they probably should have been here all along.

So I am re-motivated – kind of like a jet pack on my back right now – to accelerate what we are doing at Global From Asia. To help SME business owners and executives build their base right here in Asia.

If you’d like to read the writeup about the Shenzhen E-commerce pitch night held by my company Global From Asia – read the business writeup on my business blog here.

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