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Gonna do it…open the bar – this saturday – halloween night, will be the opening debute! samba nights bar shenzhen china

I’ve been back and forth in my mind, do it, or not to do it. But…I think it will be a good experience, and a good cross promotion for my bar products and liquor distribution businesses…..and I can learn the business where I am targetting anyway….how purchasing is done, decisions, etc.

So for this halloween party, this is what we’re planning

* Opens at 9pm
* Open bar all night for 100rmb – beer (san miguel + carlsberg) and “well drinks” (regular whiskey, vodka, with coke or sprite or tonic)
* Free Snacks
* Mechanical bull !!! (awesome, gotta get it fixed up, but have it)
* Beer Pong Game
* Halloween decorations & door prizes

Just want this to be a laid back bar – no nightclub, no annoying girlie bar annoying you to buy drinks for them, this will be a more local pub with fun and games, and friends.

Only gonna have it open Friday and SAturday nights, lets see

Still working out the website, but this is what it will be www.SambaNightsBar .com

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  1. Hey dude, so you decided to go ahead and open the bar. will shift your focus to running a bar, in one way it will keep you away from your other business ventures, in another it WILL GET YOU AWAY FROM YOUR OTHER business ventures meaning it will be a refresher, a chance to clear your mind, focus on something else. I also thought you were gonna open the bar and have someone else run it.

    I guess I’m a bit confused with what you wrote in the blog entry and with bar name. I am concerned that you may get the wrong kind of people in your place because of the way you market it, and the bar will be a completely different place. The website, the logo, and the name just kinda make it look like its a dancing place, yet you say you don’t want it to be a nightclub, just a laid back bar. SAMBA is a dance and if I was looking for a place to go out and I see a place called SAMBA nights I’d expect to do some dancing there. Is there going to be dancing at the place? maybe the music will be brazilian and that’s the brazilian aspect of it because it is described as a brazilian bar. San Miguel is a philipino beer and Carlsberg is English. I don’t think Whiskey or Vodka are Brazilian either. Granted I’ve never been to a brazilian bar but your description of it, and your marketing of it seem to conflict.

    Also I would reccomend getting rid of open bar. It sounds like a good idea but its scary. you will attract the wrong type of people to the bar. maybe its cool for opening night but after that.

    I’m curious as to how the laws there differ from US laws. Like here in the US a place has to have a separate liquor license, diff from wine and beer, separate license to allow dancing. Then there are big liabilites associated with people getting too hammered and then driving home. The bar is liable and they are supposed to cut people off. This is why most places don’t do open bar. It’s a lot harder to cut someone off when their drinks are supposed to be free they can accuse you of ripping them off. Are you dealing with the same, laws and liabilities there in China?

    1. Author

      Yea Piotr…………as you can see in my recent posts, ive been weighing heavily to accept this opportunity or not….i have 7 staff now…mass marketing and selling products online everywhere in the world (electrapour , loadpipe) …as well as promoting bar designers(modernbardesign) ,

      So, am i tooo busy? YES, but this is a good position for me to promote these complimentary products / services.

      Also, i hope to open a coffee shop….

      Then, there is the ultimate dream –

      Own 1 building, which is a loading dock / warehouse shipping products, other half nightclub… And then top floors office space of marketing, sales, and promoters – pushing products and services 24/7 in multiple languages and cultural settings…..wild

      One piece of the puzzle

      One step closer

      About the liabilities – its a bit looser here, and I am cooperating with the restuarant inside, so we’re using their license. See how it goes, and decide on getting more complex later. Profit share deal right now

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