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Man, I guess EVERYONE out there has been worried about the way I travel these days….my friend Lammy sending me a private facebook message, my friend Yuki in Shanghai telling me I need an assistant to travel along side me (of course, Yuki volunteered for that role, so long as I paid her and paid her travel expenses, not a bad life, right!)

And then just the other day, I received this email from Ken Martin at to post 100 handy travel hacks for the business businessman JEeez, ok everyone, I get the point….i’m some idiot now that is rushing around, not traveling properly. I guess I am just openly telling my life online, and sharing all the tradgeies and problems I’m having.

But hey, its also kind of cool that people are actually listening, and giving me ideas on how to better manage this insanity I have surrounded myself with. now that I am back “home” in shenzhen, china, I can better prepare and plan as I need.

In this article, the author breaks it down into some groups….funny how I realize I am barely following any of these properly…

a) General – bring tissues (yea, I learned that the hard way, china doesnt use toilet paper in public restrooms!!!)

b) Prevention & Safety – AVOID OVERCROWDED TRANSPORTATION – hahaha, this person definitely hasn’t been to China….or Asia…that is not possible.

c) Sleep – get a solid sleep schedule before your trip…..hmm, hard to do when you have conference call at all times of the day and night….

d) Fitness – seems I followed this a bit, did get to try Yoga, and I went for some swimming. Good job, Mikey!

e) Food & Drink – don’t drink alcohol? have you been on a business trip, in Asia? really? Another one is make sure you don’t eat undercooked meat…..damn, I think that one I have violated too many times here, street meat and fast food of unknown “burger machine” (ate some of that in the philippines)

f) Stress – NO STRESS!! jeeeez, I guess i completely failed here……just not in my personality….

h) hotel – not going to take a flashlight with me in case the power cuts off, but do have a mobile phone if i need it. Another one on the list is talking about wiping down the hotel room, sure….that can help….maybe I should re-wash the sheets too though?

Good article, and funny people find me about travel PROBLEMS online…..guess I complain so much people find me all over the internet searching about travel issues…..lmao, cheers

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  1. um…on top of the ‘tips’ fm nursingschools, i’v some more ‘basic’ tips for u. more is tailor made for u haha:

    1. always plan ahead. which means, u should know all the departure / arrival time at least one / two days before travel.

    let say arrive at the airport 2 hrs b4 on board, what kinda transportation to take to the hotel, location map of the hotel.

    2. bring / buy / put on sun screen whenever there’s sunshine n esp if u r going to the beach / do some watersports (waterproof one for this) to avoid being a red crispy pig.

    3. when u r leaving the country, spare more time for traveling to the airport as if u dunno abt the traffic there n if u r not riding metro. always ask the locals.

    4. u always gotta know abt which terminal u r going to. fm one terminal to another one can b really far n not very easy to get to.

    if u’v more time, u can study abt the local culture (let say if u can force the taxi driver to use meter), some local language for basic communication etc etc

    i prob missed some more tips too, but those r what i can think of fm ur last trip ;P

    hopeu’ll hav a safer trip next time!!

  2. Author

    haha, thanks Lammy – i mean MOM!!!

    and i resent that you call me a RED CRISPY PIG….aiya…..what is that? And for culture, its cute to be a PIG in Hong Kong / China, but its disrespectful to be a pig in USA. That is something I have definitely noticed – Chinese people think its CUTE to call their friends a pig….but in USA it means you are a fat slob.

    But basically what you are telling me in these tips is to PLAN MORE, and BE PREPARED….

    well I was a boy scout, and the motto was BE PREPARED. Buti am not the best planner, and things change for me so quickly….so I am just prepared for anything

  3. Well mikey, dun get me wrong~ pig as in roasted crispy pig, the kinda famous food in hk/ china ;p which is red n crispy~

    never hav the meanin of fat slob unless u r one haha

    Also as I said, u r already doin very well, just we can always do better 😉

  4. Author

    thanks Lammy – the reason your post didn’t go up automatically was because you changed your name to AKA MOM!!!

    haha, cheers

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