Discouraging Day….Many Negatives Landsliding

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maybe i’m overworked? maybe overwhelmed? maybe just complaining….but man….started late sunday night with some bank issues – bloodsuckers always find new ways to hit you with fees…

Just feel like I keep paying out….

One of my friends / contractors just dropped the ball with emails and phone calls, and for the past week seems like they’ve been piling up – so today I opened pandora’s box and sifted through customer emails…..fixing as much as I could, band aids, etc

Chasing down a contractor I paid for a catalog…from 11 months ago…yea…..keep getting the run around

Chasing down a company I contracted to do some market research…..their analyst left their company so they’re scrambling to re-assign someone to my account

Paying out a few more people, more bills…..and a client that was working with me since June….well now that he has some money to put up…seems to have disappeared….

and I am re-training a new person for this, and fighting a late fee on that.

Plus some people today have really been questioning some of my future plans – do not think I have announced here – but I am going to relocate to China, bought my ticket last night.

I know small business owners have it hard. but man, it all hit me in one day…throw in a few tech issues adding hinderance to phone calls, some phone arguements, etc etc

But then again I was also reminded of the friends I have…chatted with an old from from Connecticut about the old times, a Friend from italy, a friend from Brazil, and a friend I just met in china….so yea….I mean I know I should appreciate all the things I have, the good friends I have made…and I work hard to rememember so many others have it so much harder than I do…

But I want to win. and in business you have your fair share of crappy days….

Need to be a fighter, never give up.


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