Example Schedule For The Next Few Days – Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Dongguan

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I was writing this as an email update for those wondering where I will be the next few days….seems the most common message or email I get from people is

“Where are you now? Are you in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Dongguan, or?”

So I thought I would share the next few days with everyone….. give an idea of the insane life and that I am actually doing work while this is happening – thanks to technology management and internet advancement….while of course certain country governments try to filter and slow it down, we all manage to keep on going forward. Without further ado:

today (Wednesday) – in Shenzhen now, meeting w/ Marshall now, saw the coworking office today – took a video of the workspace and it seems awesome, he wants to see boot hk coworking on Sunday to get more ideas – maybe introduce them to hong kong business contacts
Thursday – tomm – 1:30pm is the SME meetup in Luo ho (info below), i am thinking this will be a great way to meet the Chinese SME community in Shenzhen, they had found me somehow from networking, and called me while I was in Hong Kong on my Bluetooth in a MTR subway…..somehow had my assistant Amy contact them and coordinate what they were calling about. Excited for this
Them: New challenges, New opportunities, New Leaders
Date: April 14th, 13:30pm
Place: At the banqueting hall on the second floor of the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Shenzhen
participants : 150( most of them are from SMEs )
The scheduled meeting time is 2 hours
I called the organizer of the meeting , because the entrance ticket is not with you , you can bring your passport , business cards and company profile materials with you —–> no need entrance ticket.
Also most of the participants of the meeting are Chinese, about 10% are foreigners( Japanese and Koreans),
fri – have a meeting with a major logistics company near the Shenzhen airport at 2pm, discussing USA and China cross promotion of ecommerce solutions and services. I met them at the Xiamen SEO event a couple weeks ago, and it was hilarious to hear the common connections and experiences we have had over the years in the industry. Look forward to it.
Saturday – Still deciding Shenzhen or Hong Kong – Karta invited me to that japan fundraiser in Shenzhen, but may go to Hong Kong to catch up on faster internet without Chinese government filtering to update my harddrives (sync for dropbox), do server backups, and other data intensive operations that are best done in a free internet region. Plus can catch up with some meetings and friends in Hong Kong.
sunday – showing the new potential SZ coworking office partners the hong kong book hk office, talk to Jon Buford there about his suggestions running a coworking space and recommendations for next steps to get it launched in Shenzhen. Sure there will be government issues as its inside Mainland China, but excited to bring innovation and community in the city.
monday – Go to Guangzhou for the Canton Fair, driving from Hong Kong. Have a few meetings with suppliers, twitter connections I want to put a face to a name (Zee from San Fransisco!) and meet up Larry Salibra for what he says is the best Chicken BBQ place in Guangzhou. Stay the night there.
tuesday – dongguan for continued marketing and sales training of Lesney and Amy, dealing both with incoming inquiries for China warehousing and fulfillment, as well as managing web marketing and development. Ecommerce in China, with a touch of English export knowledge. They will probably have a ton of questions and topics to discuss with me, and the majority of my day will be in the office with them.

So there is a day in the life.

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  1. busy man!
    Hey Michael, do you have some reliable shipping company to recomend? I have 1CBM products to be sent to France. i have worked with 1 company, but they cant provide the service of clearing the Custom in france.

    1. Author

      hey hey hey Jane, I use my friend Huck Liang from foblc.com – he was a speaker at the 2nd meetup if you went.

  2. I visited there last week.wow too many foreigners! seems that i was in USA, UK ..rather nor in Shanghai.
    I think there are lots of chances,at the same time,it has challenges.

  3. hmm..excuse me,what does “csn”mean?
    but lots of cities in China are very Chinese. like Suzhou,and my hometown Lianyungang. I guess you don’t know the city,little but beautiful too.

    1. Author

      sorry mistype csn instead i meant can….

      yes, i want to explore more traditional chinese cities….

  4. Have you ever been to Beijing? Go to the Great Wall, so different between Shenzhen or HK.

  5. sorry,i just read some of your articles:)
    i’ve never been to Beijing

  6. ha yes,but i read according to 3/2011. 2/2011….this turn.
    sometimes,i chooes some of your articles to read. sometimes i read one by one.
    but you know,from 2007 to 2011, big!
    but there’s no doube that i read your blog everynight when i am in the bed and everyday my breaktimes.
    yes,i said that,seriously. i will read all of your articles.

  7. Ha of course i WANT and i like.i am your reader–honestly.hope i can get your book one day:)

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