“Fight For Love” – A Saturday with My Son

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Getting into the groove of these regular vlogs again now that I am out and about (it’s hard to do vlogs when you are isolated in an apartment). We are now back in Shenzhen and I’m trying to take this vlog camera around with me. A great time to do this was Saturday with my son.

Last Saturday was Chinese Valentine’s day. So it was guy’s night out you can say. Wendy and Maggie went to a Buddhist event while we chose to go to a “Fight For Love” White Collar Fight Night (WCFN) event hosted by our friend John Graham.

We got to Seaworld (in the Shekou district of Shenzhen) a few hours early to walk around and see all the changes. This city of Shenzhen literally changes every couple of years.

On our trek, we saw a McDonalds and figured we’d grab an ice cream and enjoy the air conditioning indoors (hot as heck down here!). Inside, I was proud to see Miles approach a birthday party in the back and welcome himself to the party. They played together and he also snagged a bunch of free toys and even birthday cake.

After McDonalds, we headed for the Fight For Love event. Trying to get in, they didn’t allow kids, so Miles and I watched from outside for a bit. My wife was nervous anyway about the kids watching boxing and how it could encourage them to fight (even more). So we just got a small taste and then walked around some more.

Our next stop was the Snake Pit, the original foreigner bar in Shenzhen. We grabbed some pizza, burgers, ginger ale and enjoyed a night out.

It’s the simple things in life that matters. It was a fun night bonding with my son Miles while also seeing how much this city has changed.

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