Dreamlining + Trying To “Put It All Together”

In now by Michael Michelini

What Mike Michelini is up to Now – July 10 – 16, 2022

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Hot and humid here in Shenzhen (the way I always remember it!) as we are deep in the middle of summer.

What are the quick points for this coming week?

* Product launch process – feel we as a company need to make a project template and go-to procedures for any product/service we are involved in promoting. (Creation is one part, but this is about launching). Especially for our upcoming lines of Amazon products.
* Launching first Excalibur Brothers product on Amazon – the polishing cloth – a milestone and sales already coming in.
* Finance / Hr / admin – probably will always be on my list as the team grows above 20 now.
* GFA village dreamlining (after reading book “Network State”) – the end game of GFA community was always to make a “real life” community and ecosystem. And with my pending move to Thailand, combined with the release of the book “Nation State” – something is telling me this is next.

For those who want to hear the full week plan for Shadstone Limited, Mike’s company (removing sensitive info) – here it is:

Week Plan July 10 – 16, 2022 Shadstone Limited

Pushing the limits, per normal. Seriously on all cylinders and I hope we are all learning and expanding our abilities and limits. That is the goal of the Shadstone ninja team – to be in a constant state of growth and improvement.

The team, we are truly doing great, we will need to add more policies and procedures as we grow with payroll cutoffs, and other HR, finance, and admin – but this is part of growth. Hope once we make these upgrades we can also apply “ninja pay” benefits to the system so we can further grow and incentivize everyone.

One big thing I’m thinking of – we need to be more organized on our product launches. For example, last week we helped launch the .wallet domain extension on Handshake – but feel many on the team were not even aware of that. So working on a calendar and a project template in the portal where we can organize what we are launching, and when. While we are strong in content creation, we need to improve in content distribution (PR/media).

As our team grows, and our experience in content creation and web design grows, we need to pick it up on the marketing and distribution side.

For example – this coming week – we need to better organize and prepare for:

Excalibur Brother’s polishing cloth product launch.
DwebASAP’s fock hat product launch.
BeckyAI is getting closer to launch, need to further define PR and influencer outreach.

Those are on top of my mind, but best is we have a calendar – and it is broken up by week (in my opinion) of the schedule of what we are marketing and promoting that week.

Other upcoming “product launches” in coming weeks
* Akitai’s new products
* SkyInclude’s new domain extensions
* Blimp Method Cohort 2 program opening
* Auction 15 of Flamingo Handshake (believe we picked July 27)
* (Pending) I think a twitter space this Wednesday 7pm EST (our thurs morning) for Handshake

Actually writing this down gets me so excited. So if we can better schedule these and make actionable tasks – I think a Shadstone global calendar with links to the projects in the portal would be ideal.

I know these are a lot of various items – the true goal is how to synergize and connect all of these initiatives around 1 theme. Sure, they are operated by our amazing Shadstone team, but still fragmented between various communities and social media accounts and email lists. The huge value will be unlocked once we can interlink these initiatives.

But that is starting to happen – if you check out this week’s Global From Asia podcast (coming on Tuesday 10am HK Time) Aubrey and I go through all the items

And for the first time on the podcast – even for Aubrey – I showed this “map” I use as a daily dashboard


I’m starting to be more confident to just “let it all go out there” and show our projects and partnerships. Why keep them a secret and keep them fragmented.

This is all because of our amazing team and partners. Seriously – we are building and creating such amazing things and the goal is an EVERGREEN, powerful, MOAT business with multiple cashflows in multiple businesses that is unstoppable as it is spread across various businesses and global jurisdictions. And our team is making that happen. We are a micro-empire.

As we finish up the organization of our finance department, HR department with better payroll and reporting – we can further align the team to the success of these various businesses. That is the true and ultimate goal of Shadstone – to be the shadow (behind the scenes of these businesses) and the stone (solid foundation the businesses can trust) B2B engine.

Sorry for the rant, but just excited for the week, months, years to go. This is not a fly by night operation – this is a grassroots, bootstrapped empire which will support our amazing team for the long term.

I keep thinking on how to make it as indestructible as possible (cashflow and business model). But the most important piece of that is a great team.

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