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Been thinking more about about the direction of the business. And I am really thinking the above idea could have an interesting twitter to today’s ecommerce + social meda. Create an online store from my blog. Put my “personal brand” behind the products we are selling. I can cross promote thosse products on this blog have discussions on the products…show the chinese factory that is manufacturing them.

I will be tottally open about my team working on each part….during regular blog posts each week, we can have a company findings day show everyone how the shop is growing up and building. Explain the hardships of the blog….finding the right suppliers, installing the webshop.

Again this blog is all about being opne, and ecommerce. Having a shop that is connected to the blog I think is forward thinking. And I can talk about it openly.

Just afraid if bad quality, because people buying from my webstore will trust me as they see the blog posts and the adventures we are going through making the website, and learn who is in charge for what.

I am excited about this.

Social + Business continue to merge, this is the ultimate.

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  1. I think it’s a great idea – don’t like the “shop” subdomain – maybe “store” is better.  Anyways, just put key products that you know rock – then it will help your brand.  Don’t let anyone put products on your site, even if they are your business partners, unless their products are great.

    1. I’m glad you like it Marshall – some people say

      1) this domain is too long to remember
      2) this would make the shop look “mom + pop”

      But I think with social media like it is today, for a blogger to setup a blog with products that they have access to that is quality, then I think why not.

      But now I have to decide, Shenzhen warehouse or USA warehouse?

      1. shenzhen warehouse for packaging and label…hk airmail for worldwide delivery is by far the cheapest anywhere in the world…got Cynthy’s number? (LOLOLOL  sorry, I couldn’t help myself)

  2. It is a good idea, specially to some really innovative and quality products which you are familiar with. I think it is critical  to focus on some specific market.

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