More Bank of America Fights – international travel issues

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Just want to log this in the journal….I am trying to make a payment to someone in USA, rather urgent. took some time collecting the proper information – account details, wire information, zip code, etc.

I get to the online banking, and what stops me is the last 8 of my checking card! Which I have not received, was sent to my US address, they claim, but never got it forwarded. Actually the ATM card got seized a few months back because it was expired in Hong Kong. Left me stranded borrowing money off friends…unbelievable.

Anyway, the bank of america customer service was genuinely concerned and actually helpe me as best she could…but couldnt do an override…damnnit..

chat log pasted below, for the heck of it.

Thank you for choosing Bank of America. You are now being connected to a Bank of America Online Banking Specialist.
prunella: Hello, my name is Prunella. Thank you for being a valued Bank of America customer. How may I assist you today?
You: hi Prunella, I am trying to add a bank account online , but i need to add my personal check card, I have not yet received it in the mail
prunella: I completely understand your concerns regarding the check card for transfers.
prunella: I will be glad to check this for you.
prunella: To begin with, may I please have your complete name?
You: ok, Michael Michelini
prunella: Thank you, Michael
prunella: Could you please provide me the last four digits of the account number you are referring to?
You: xxxx
prunella: Thank you for this information, Michael
prunella: After reviewing our records, I see that the Check card for your account ending in – xxxx was issued on 11/17/08.
prunella: Could you please confirm your mailing address?
You: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
prunella: Thank you
You: I had my old card seized in a machine
You: and have not had an ATM card since
prunella: As per our records, the address is correct and it was mailed to the same address.
You: I called maybe 1 or 2 months ago and they said it was in the mail
You: I have not had an ATM card since
prunella: i would like to inform you that Check Card is like an ATM Card. We issue only Check Card or ATM Card for a checking account.
You: Yes, I am aware
You: I ahve no card associated to xxxx
prunella: I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused
You: can you help me add a payee today?
You: I dont need the card
prunella: As you have not received any card, then, we can send the new card for you.
You: I am transfers –> add account
You: but I dont have the last 4 of the check card
You: I have the other details like recipient last name, acct#, and zip
prunella: Michael, I understand you wish to make transfer to another Bank of America customer’s account and for that you need you Check card number.
You: there isnt an override?
You: I need to make this transfer today….
prunella: I understand how much important this is for you. i would request you to visit your nearest banking center and they will be able to resolve this for you.
You: I am traveling internationally….
prunella: Alright.
You: You have shares in China construction bank – can I visit them?
prunella: Sure.
You: so the accounts are linked?
prunella: Yes, accounts are linked.
You: but what currency then, Chinese Yuan or Us Dollars? If I go to a China Construction bank, its in Chinese Yuan currency
prunella: Michael, in order to check this I would request you to call us. I can provide the international number, through which you are able to call at the toll free number.
You: or, can I transfer from my business account? I have that check card
You: ending in xxxx
prunella: I apologize business accounts are not eligible for these types of transfers.
You: so there isnt any way I can use a different way to verify my identity then the last 8 of my checking card number?
You: I have logged into my online banking, I have verified my site key,
You: I can answer any security question on file
prunella: i completely understand your point. However, in order to make these types of transfers, we do require last eight digits of the Check Card of your personal account, in order to verify your account.
prunella: I understand how much important this is for you. I wish I was able to provide an alternative for you.
You: you do seem genuinely concerned, I appreciate that….
prunella: However, if you wish you can make the transfer by visiting your nearest financial institution for commercial were transfer.
prunella: wire*
You: yes….
Last text message receivedprunella: Thank you so much for your appreciation.
You: ok have a good day

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