Deep in Zhejiang Province (i.e. FOB Ningbo) – roadtrip!

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wow the past week has been insane – flew to Shanghai, spent the weekend there- trade shows, factory visits, partying, networking, met college friend Xing, crashed at my buddy Brent’s apartment, then he and I drove his car to YuYao (3 or 4 hour drive) Monday. I drove for the first time in China that day….what a rush….

Greg Schwartz – happy birthday man – since chatting last week, so much has happened – (there’s your shoutout buddy, haha)

currently in a small city 6 hour drive from Ningbo at a 5 star hotel writing this blog. tomorrow have another 4 hour bus ride, solo, to a factory and then flying back to Shenzhen 9pm to 11pm….exhausted isn’t even the word.

outside a massive, 5 or 6 city block large fixed marketplace

sunset the other day

3 car crash…lets surround the cars and check it out!

what a bus ride that was today…..such a jam!

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  1. Hey dude, sounds like a really busy week, but sounds like fun too. how was driving in China. hope it wasn’t anything like our last road trip to vegas (whoa!) and sweet sunset picture dude. if you get a chance send me a hi res picture. that looks like a monet painting

  2. Intersting trip in China. I wish I could go there one day.

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