Brains, Gossip, & Survival

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back in Shenzhen now for a few days….completely swamped with follow up meetings, phone calls, hundreds of emails…and I think i’m finally catching up now to post some on the blog here….wow its been intense!

Here are some photos from the last couple days of my trip last week –

bus station in Yong Kang…

check out the guy sleeping in the cart behind me!

YuHuan fish restaurant

LOOK AT THE BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!! couldn’t eat those brains… matter how delicious everyone there told me…..


gossip exists in any country!

so on my flight back I was sitting in front of 3 loud gossipers….man they bickered back and forth…I can’t understand enough chinese to know what they were talking a bout, but it seemed like meaningless squabble….and made me realize how much time we waste “venting” and when we sit back and really think about these long conversations, what was accomplished?

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