Maybe Do Social Media From Phuket, Thailand?

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Paul Chong from a wufantuan startup met up with me tonight and mentioned this social media posting in Phuket, Thailand!

People have been noticing when I stop twittering! Awesome, social media is all about being a LIVE PERSON. A living, breathing human being. Not some RSS feed machine. And even if a human is actually writing it….don’t just talk professionally about work, be a human, laugh, joke, tell your feelings.

And sometimes I’m warned that I shouldn’t be so open online. BUT THAT IS WHAT GETS THE MOST INTEREST. That’s what people like, connect with, relate to, interact with. not some “by the book” robot that is afraid to show their feelings, emotion, and perspective.

So back to this social media with hotel travel from Thailand. That is just amazing…..but is it a JOB? I travel, I blog, I do social media. To be a living, breathing social media sales and marketing master. Its always the operational side after the sale that has been my hickup, which is also intertwined with lack of focus or interested in doing too many things. But isn’t this a common issue with so many entreprenuers?

Well, another cool thing about the posting is there isn’t an email, only twitter for sending a response, So I sent a quick message. The funniest thing is Olivier Dombey I had met online before a few years ago about some opportunities….small world…or are we both just really good networkers?

Here’s the JOB post

Social Media Manager/Strategist

Type: Full-time

Experience: Mid level managerial

Functions: Strategy/Planning, Online Marketing, Information Technology, Other

Industries: B2C Online Marketing and Advertising, Travel

Report: Chief Information Officer

Job Description

Before reading any further, you must be able to answer a resounding and confident “yes, I can” to the following questions, and be able to substantiate each:

  • Do you eat, sleep and breathe social media?
  • Seriously, do you dream in 140 characters?
  • Can you think bigger than Facebook and Twitter and put together integrated B2C social media campaigns and solutions that are miles ahead of the competition?
  • Can you map out the relationships between B2C social media opportunities, how they fit with one another, what are they respective strengths and weaknesses, and how each could be maximised to enhance our company’s social media campaigns, website and blog?
  • Do you have enough sensibility to modulate the tone of your postings/messages according to your audience?
  • Are you able to grow revenue streams though social media and in time deliver a positive ROI?
  • Do you have the social media inner fire burning in you? The one that gives you your daily torrent of adrenaline, the one that makes you a winner when you pass-smash your targets?
  • Can you walk the talk? Anyone can dream up a strategy, what counts is its execution. Can you?


  • If you have been honest with yourself and gave yourself the thumbs up for each the above self-testing questions
  • If you firmly believe that you are such a social media innovator and animal
  • If you believe you have the passion, energy, innovation, knowledge and skills to be our social media face
  • If you can get your hands dirty and execute what you preach
  • And if you can prove it all with an impeccable track record of successful past experience

Then, we want to talk to you… has an immediate opening for such an innovative, driven, hands-on Social Media Manager/Strategist.

I’m interested! How do I apply?

If you’re the right candidate, you’ll know how. And if you don’t know how, you’re not the right candidate. Hint: @olivierdombey at @hoteltravel.

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  1. Great way to hire a blogger. I remember when google was printing a math problem, so you can submit the right answer as application

  2. one of my classmate work in the , it is said that paul is also a American, but not so humors as you… ecfans .org

    1. Author

      ahah, come on Paul is a cool guy, but who can be funnier then me?

      I’m just a crazy dude who needs to get smacked around a bit

  3. Hello vous, un peu de peine a vous lire et vous comprendre en francais, anyway, je suis suissesse, vit a Lausanne, suis venu 2 fois a Phuket 3 a 4mois, suis une bonne vendeuse, toujours le mot pour rire, respect,and fun, je vais venir m’installer a Phuket, pour l’instant j’essaye de mettre un max d’argent de coté.
    Je cherche des contacts sur Phuket afin de pouvoir des que j’arrive avoir de bons plans pour:une maison pas cher, un job soit travailler pour une famille riche de Phuket :nurse, or in Hotel, or for travel aroud travel, accompagnatrice, ou traductrice francais-anglais, ec…. j’ai 40 ans, physique au top, i was top medeling, im nature, intelligente, sociable,sens of humour, so if u want to help me i need some adressmail or contact around phuket.

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