Preparing for Single Dad Life (again)

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We will be….. Witnessing Single Dad Life Again

So the wife is off to INDIA (crazy, yes, I know) for a Buddhist retreat this weekend. She flies out on Thursday morning and will be back “sometime next week” (return flight not booked yet).

She says I have experience

For those who remember – I went to USA without her last Feb. It was one of the most exhausting times of my life! Sure, this may not be as challenging – they are in full time school, and we are not traveling, but it is still a lot to take on – all while still trying to achieve the online business dream.

Or just say – those 7 days – scratch getting any work done? I’m a workaholic, so how can I possibly allow myself to say that.

Asking the current maid to work over time (she’s half days 4pm to 8pm now, weekdays) and also having feelers out for baby sitters or others who can help out.

This parenting stuff – it isn’t a joke – seriously life changing and a lot of work.

Maggie will be 3 years old next week. Miles 5 years old in May. While they get “easier” to take care of with the age – they also have minds of their own and need a lot of attention (which I feel they should get for their personal development). At least no diaper duty.

Ok, note to self – in a few more years they won’t want to hang out with me so much – so this is a good father bonding time (as Wendy puts it).

Wish me luck, may not be blogging much these new few days.

Over and out.

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