China Blocked Blogger…..the switch from blogger to wordpress

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What a mess, haven’t been able to post to my blog because was banned in China. That now adds to the list under youtube and the occassional not working…makes you wonder how the choose. I am told its because someone wrote anti-government propoganda on a blogger account, so the government here has blocked all blogger accounts. Sure I can use a proxy to get around it, but then my friends in China cannot easily read my posts…plus I am tired of blogger anyway. So have spent the past few hours getting the move over…learned a lot about techy stuff like apache and mySql, so not a complete waste. This
great post here on moving blogger accounts to wordpress helped me a ton!

Bas Sluitman’s family is here, from Holland and the Phillipines. Has been a great time, baby Charlotte has just turned 5 months old. Already trying to grab here first beer! Maritess is holding her back though, good mommy!

haha, great godfather

haha, great godfather

Anyway, its late here, I’m beat, hope this blog rollover is pretty seamless….tried my best!

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  1. They got tired of all the dreamer dweebs. Can’t blame them.

  2. nice post, thx for sharing it

  3. thanks guys,

    @ echo @ kent – yea, Charlotte is cute definitely the feature of this blog

    @mo – haha, well, China is pretty serious, maybe this is the reason, but normally because of the political views some bloggers post

  4. Awesome info! I was honestly just thinking about something similar to this the other day so, it was almost

  5. Nice post, thanks.

  6. Thanks for posting, I’ll definitely be subscribing to your blog.

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