Following these 4 Points to be a good father “PCPF”

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Happy Sunday everyone. I’ve been hanging at home with the family almost the whole weekend. Even after just a couple months I have witnessed my son grow bigger and heavier. I can only imagine how fast he will grow up. And like many say – I appreciate my parents so much now – I think it isn’t until we have children of our own that we realize how much our own parents went through!

So I have been researching online on “how to be a good father” and I was told by a friend this great 4 point that I have shortened in my mind “PCPF”

  1. Provider – aka the bread winner. This is the big pressure most guys like me have – will we make enough money to support this new addition to the family. We have already even had talks (my wife and I) about what college he will go to! He is just over 2 months old…and the financial pressure is there. But I think this is the 1 and only role some fathers / men feel responsible for – and I think it is self explanatory so I’ll move to the next few.
  2. Counselor – defined in Google as ” a person to give guidance on personal, social, or psychological problems.” As the father, you need to hear everyone’s problems. patience, I have been getting better at. But I am going to have to work on this point for sure as the baby grows up. I do enjoy mentoring and guiding people who need help though.
  3. Protector – Makes me think of papa bear in a cave scaring away intruders. But yes, you need to protect the family from any outside problems or threats. Be prepared (good ol’ Boy Scouts) for anything. I’m not a single guy anymore, I have a family to protect and watch over. This is truly maturing as a person.
  4. Friend – my favorite. I can’t wait to take him out for hot dogs and baseball. Hoping he will be open to me (though I know in teens he’ll keep it all in), and be comfortable to tell me if there is a problem. I’ll try my best to be approachable and a good listener.

I am literally writing down these 4 points at my desk and trying to improve each of them. Hopefully this is some motivation for other dads out there – or dads to be 🙂

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