final boarding call for flight 99 from newark to hong kong…

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hustler trying to make us a millionaire usin his craps method….and a pic from “The Pool” bar in Harrah’s casino last night

blog entry – wed oct 10, 2007

currently in newark airport sitting on the floor to get a freakin’ power outlet… think by now these airports would realize 2 outlets per terminal ain’t gonna cut it…maybe there’s a business to be had in providing power services in remote locations….anyway…enough of my rant.

back from atlantic city nightclub and bar trade show….that was a trip for sure….met suppliers, networked with bar owners, bartenders, saw old friends, gambled just a touch, all in all a good trip…

mentally preparing myself right now for a 14 hour direct flight to hong kong….i just checked in and find that i was assigned a middle seat….and no sleeping pills anywhere!!! ah well….maybe i’ll just type up some documents, contracts, and brainstorm on an internet-less laptop. have some books to read as well.

upon arrival in hong kong I have 2 friend’s cell phone numbers to call there….they will be setting up for the electronics trade show at the expo center…but will at least guide me in the right direction…

amazing how the pieces of this massive puzzle of life seem to fit together somehow…or at least the compromises made to get the general idea of it done…….

* money doesn’t matter, one can get more later when they need it.
* material goods doesn’t matter – and is mattering less and less I feel as technology continues to advance

it really all is about connections, its awesome knowing people – learning how they go about their daily lives, and it helps develop and shape those exposed to this person.

Josh ( JG!) and I were texting back and forth this morning and he had a couple good ones there – let me quote here:

text 1 – Have a great time in China. Create your destiny and follow your heart. <>
text 2 – Cool Bro. I mean that destiny stuff. Most people don’t take the chance and just want to judge. We’re different. do you think and most will follow. But some of them will just never get it.

well…china here I come….ready or not….

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dude, nice party at Harrah’s eh. that shot looks like something out of a movie. sucks getting stuck in the middle seat but hopefully there will be a hot girl on either side. have fun in hong kong dude. oh yeah don’t eat yellow snow


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