This is the week to kick some ass

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The endless working days upon weeks upon months upon years…and I have never felt like so many things have “clicked” together like they have over this weekend….. spyble SEO system went live, ebay UK re-instated me, electrapour production samples look awesome, gaining traction with staff and business partners….

while there are a few negatives and a lot of risks still ahead – I am defintely getting what i asked for, learning so much, and overall winning more then I am losing

email to my staff:

Ok, instead of taking my “to-do list” lets be a bit more general and outline each person’s projects (alphabetical order)

Jane: Get familiar with uk New York Bar Store tools, ebay UK should be setup fully now – learn those items now, warehouse system. Act like you are in Holland, and if you have extra time, work on translating

Ling: keep working on domestic China sales via – Also I have Canton Fair catalogs, need you to follow up and get quotes. Boozer also has some marketing plans and you may work with him.

Mark: is now live – since this weekend. Need you to turn into sales and marketing. Get familar with the interface and tools – and also finish

Melissa: EF logistics & deal manager, folding table deal, ping pong balls, inflatable shipping. Accounting, banking – help me organize the business affairs.

Sophia: ELECTRAPOUR samples look awesome! Boozer and Bas also like – now we need to send to those interested customers, Andrew in USA, and email the rest of those people in your excel list.



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