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Reading Chris Brogan’s post and its simple, yet inspiring!! All I know is while I’m down here in florida with my grandma, uncles, parents, cousins TALKING ABOUT facebook and internet and mobile web – I KNOW this is where its at. I’m glad I’ve been studying it for so many years, at least 6 years intensely, but really since early 2000’s I started my website (but was discouraged by my college friends!…anyway) Kind of wish I kept this site up to date since the year 2000, but anyway….

Quoted from his blog entry:

Don’t Be Chris Brogan

Don’t be anyone else. When I started, I didn’t look at any one person and say, “I think I’ll do what _____ is doing.” I said, “Where are they right now, stat wise? Where am I? Whoa, that’s a long way to go.”

Its true, we have to stop worrying about what other’s think, about being afraid that we are too small or too insignificant to even try to be great! WTF!

So I am gonna keep going, keep on blogging. I’m on a roll, I may even do 2 blog posts a day. And I’m making more content then ever for other sites. I’m thinking this is the most important part, to get content out there, ideas, connect people, motivate people, it makes me feel good.

Blogging, bloggin’ bloggin!

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