Hello Colombia – Business Expansion Trip

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Hello Colombia – Business Expansion Trip

Yes, on top of all this madness – I’m going to Colombia for a couple days.

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While planning this USA trip, I have been in discussions in Global From Asia expanding to Colombia and South America. Claudia which helped out with the China business workshop in Florida is a podcast listener and supporter. We got connected with Esteban who is also doing business with China and wants to expand South America and China.

So we are excited to start our cooperation of Global From Asia in Colombia and South America. It will be a discussion at the Cross Border Summit in Shenzhen China April 20-21 with Esteban being a speaker.

But I thought – hey – I’m in Florida-  I should go down to Colombia and see what is up.  It is actually really close just a couple hour flight from Fort Lauderdale.

Esteban has a whole itinerary setup for the visit, and we will start to plan more events there for this year and 2019. Such as a business retreat for Chinese business owners to visit and learn about the growing trade opportunities between South America and China.

The big one is Cross Border Summit in summer 2019 in Cartagena, Colombia. This will be in a free trade zone that we will have special access to in this port city. We are talking big!

Just mentioning this verbally to a few people has gotten them excited to attend, speak, sponsor, etc. Colombia and South America is a hot market and I am so excited to have quality partners there to work with and grow this cooperation with.

So in this video I share some of the experiences on this business trip. I’d love to know if you are interested in discussing ways we can cooperate on this new development of these growing markets. Emerging markets are much more exciting to me – so much opportunity to build and grow.

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