Back in Shenzhen – Chinese Work Permit Renewal, Product Development + Events

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Been another exhausting week- day in the life of an overseas entrepreneur in China! After Chinaccelerator demo day in Beijing last week, this past week was following up with investors and high level businessmen about Weibo Agent startup, to return to Shenzhen mid-week for Chinese work permit renewal (its issued in Shenzhen, China so I have to return to Shenzhen to turn in my passport for a week and wait for it to be issued.)

My buddy Chris Gormley is letting me stay at his apartment in Shekou which has been awesome. Settling in a bit, but still staying flexible as I feel I’ll be back in Beijing in a few weeks for one reason or another (hopefully to settle up some investment opportunities). Really appreciate this Chris, perfect timing too!

The core of the Weibo Agent team is actually now in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, so its also necessary I’m back in Shenzhen to focus on product development. Once I get my Chinese work permit renewed and my passport back, I’ll head to Hong Kong for at least a few days to meet up Chris, Doug, and our rockstar advisor Steve Forte. Will speak at the new Hong Kong accelerator as well. Also my real estate fraternity brother Ish is visiting from NY for Thanksgiving on a business trip. So a jam packed trip in Hong Kong is upcoming too, most likely Nov 20 – 30.

Another big reason I’m back down in Shenzhen are a few events. Of course my beloved Shenzhen startupweekend, we will be having our 3rd official startup weekend in Shenzhen – and we have a great volunteer team formed now and building up sponsors.

Also on this weekend is the Hero Meets Hero annual conference. Everything just came together all at once, trying my best to balance, enjoy, network, and GET WORK DONE.

Upcoming week hopefully all these events are a success + over, the chinese work permit is renewed without issues (fingers crossed) and can focus on WORK! Weibo Agent!

Getting settled back in Shenzhen, for a little while at least.

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