Canton Fair meetup #2 – Wednesday April 25th

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Hanging out with Rue this rainy Thursday afternoon. He is really excited about his business promoting local music via Shenzhen Local Music – going through some wordpress training and backup FTP techie jargon.

He and I want to work to bring together foreigners + Chinese in South China, he’s more focused on the music and artist industry, while I’m more into the entrepreneur / e-commerce industry. But events are where it happens. We discussed passion for connecting people – using the internet to bring people together!

Events take time, resources, and people. PASSION. So I’m excited to be talking with Rue about this cooperation. Also on welcoming new foreigners coming to China. Packages for picking foreigners up from the airport, touring them around, business introductions, Canton fair guide, etc. These events will help us learn what people want, and brainstorm.

What: Canton Fair informal meetup

When: Wednesday April 25, 2012

What time: Starts around 7pm, I should be there earlier.

Cost: Free, just buy your own food / beer / drinks.

Where: Hooleys Irish Pub, right across the river from canton fair. 10 minute taxi
Hooley’s Irish pub and restaurant,
101, 8 Xing Sheng Lu,
Zhujiang New Town,
tel: (020) 3886 2675

We are conveniently located in the heart of Zhujiang New Town in close proximity to the major hotels in the area including “The W”, “The Jumeirah” and “The Ritz-Carlton” on Xing Sheng Lu.

The closest Metro stop is only a 5 min walk away at Liede Metro (Exit D).

Why: Just get a few people together to have some fun, network. I wish there were these kind of meetups when I was first coming to China!

Rue and I will both take a bus up from Shenzhen to Guangzhou first thing in the morning. Will update more as I go – hope to take some more Shenzhen people with us if interested!

Got a lot of interested people who are here this week, and couldn’t make last weeks. Stay tuned…

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  1. saw your HANG OUT then i continued reading, turned out she is a HE, and topic u talked is business promoting. shame !
    jia you !

  2. great picture
    good luck 
    you alway are on right track
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