Happy Birthday Jocelyn!

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its my sister’s birthday today – October 19 – sitting here at midnight on a sunday thinking about those days w/ my sis and the fam. Being in a foreign country really makes you appreciate your friends and family back home. I can say I’m a bit homesick….and tired of fighting everyone in business….it seems all my projects and interests are very heated now….can not give up…can not compromise.

my ally in China – Bas Sluitman, gave me the book “Mr. China”

been reading it a bit (so little time to read, but force myself). Its rather entertaining, about another american coming to china….trying to change things.. What I have realized is you ahve to adapt to your surroundings, respect the environment you are in, and learn to work with the cards the dealer tosses your way.

heavy in stress these days…….my heart is pounding and my passion to make it happen has never been stronger…..do or die

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