The New Internet – Being A HUMAN BEING

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Kinda been on a rampage tonight…..I want my beating heart out there online! I think more of us have to open up and be HUMAN BEINGS on the internet, not robots (like this Terminator in the post)

I’m kinda tired about hearing / seeing:

On twitter people with 10,000 followers and they are only following 50 people. Come on….and then most of their tweets are BROADCASTS, like once a day, from a blog post. That is not SOCIAL MEDIA. I don’t care….Social Media is about INTERACTING, talking to people, FOLLOWING BACK. Listening, not broadcasting.

And it kinda scares me to see those people…….just seems full of themselves, trying to show off to the world they are important. I love those people who follow back, interact with people they are online with. Saying how they really feel.

That is what builds trust, that is who someone will approach more easily…..and that is definitely who I am trying to be.

Then I am still kinda knocked off my feet by those saying I gotta stop blogging for free. Jeeez people. There are other ways to make money on the internet. And there are longer term strategies of internet marketing rather then just spamming and throwing up advertisements and asking people to pay you to write.

I think I need to be BOLDER online. Today there isn’t the mask to hide behind, if you don’t go out there and talk about yourself, you are just letting others have the opportunity to do it for you!

And I’ll be honest, I’m having a bad day, and stressed….trying my best to get out of it, reading the motivational quotes stream on twitter. Talking long walks outside. Writing down the reasons why, and its lots……but there are also lots of reasons I need to be happy, I am very fortunate person.

ITS JUST EXTREMES. Trying to do so many things, so many countries. Timezones, projects. Financial, banking, banks blocking me because I’m in Philippines. Workers not showing up. Positive is – I am getting a better CORE team, meeting more and more great people online and offline. And I have my health.

But just getting weighed down today, need a vacation. Tired of making so many MAJOR decisions that really will affect my business for years to come.

But that is what I signed up for, and that is what I simply have to accept, as Hasan just told me a week and a half ago.

So enjoy the ride, I think I have to CRANK IT UP A NOTCH and be even more OPEN and BOLD.

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  1. come to xiamen for vocation, enjoy fire work with us tonight …….. LOL

    different people expecting different things from internet, forget what other people say, just be urself as what u r expecting, but remember if oneday u are become famouse, things will be changed and be more careful about what u sharing with us. Good to see and heard some experience from ur small world.

    The important thing is some day when u look back at what u did before, u will know what u get from past and where you are now, that’s an amazing thing. So keep on going…………..

    1. Author

      hey May,
      thanks for the comment, Xiamen is definitely a great place for vacation!!! so i will take you up on that, but probably not until 2011

      But then you say – ‘when people get more famous, things will change, you have to be careful what you say’

      I think that is CRAP! come on, then people are being fake – not telling us who they really are and how they really think…….I hope I don’t change….

  2. YEAH MAN! Be more open and bold! The days of controlling a corporate image are gone and we should, no, have to embrace it.

    We are all humans and other people connect with us when the can relate to us. That is, when you blog your personal experiences and show that you are a ‘human’ (just like the rest of us) it makes people relate to you more.

    You’re right. Social media is about being social. That’s what builds trust between people…be they potential business partners or potential friends. Keep up the good blogging!

    1. Author

      more power to ya James. I hope you are right, as I am definitely “letting it all hang out” here. But I do believe as people get more advanced on the internet, they are not going to be “tricked” by websites hiding the people behind the curtains. The owners and operators will have to “show face”

      Kinda like what they say in China – all about FACE

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