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I’m excited to welcome Claire Chen to the Shadstone family! Her and I connected from the Global From Asia podcast- she is a regular listener (awesome!). She just graduated from MBA In the United Kingdom and was looking for opportunities back in China on her return – and we worked out a deal.

I haven’t had someone on the team working “next to me” (physically) in a few years – have had an online based team now for a couple years. But it is great to have someone here, and she will be the bridge between me and the online team, as well as clients and others around the web.

She enjoys doing event marketing, sales, and business development. Something I have been looking for a good team member on, and she proved her ability while talking to me over the past few months – persistent and polite. She has been working remotely in January and now that Chinese New Year is over, she flew down from her hometown and we are going to take this work to the next level.

What will she do (what do I even do you may wonder, ha)?

* Sales and marketing for our upcoming Cross Border Summit on April 21-22, 2017
* Sales and business development for our new Global From Asia course
* Sales and business development for the newly formed Asia Podcast Network
* Bridging me and the online team, making sure I don’t miss urgent tasks or requests from the team.
* Assisting with the podcast sourcing of guests, show brainstorming, and production.
* Whatever else she can handle – she seems capable so far!

So please join me in welcoming Claire to the team, and I hope if you and I are to work together, Claire can help that move along smoothly.

Claire, you ready to rock? Its going to be a great experience and I look forward to seeing you grow personally and professionally in the Shadstone team.

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