Digital Detox Rocks!

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Seriously wish I did this years and years ago. Been kinda dragging along the past year or so with daily alerts and notifications. We are really becoming slaves to our phones, to the internet. Checking our notifications is the biggest addiction.

I do come on each day to write, been still growing the parts of the Global From Asia course as it will be an expanding course over time. Also still tracking my sleep and keeping my journal up to date.

Been sleeping an average of 9 hours a night this past week, total refresh. Almost like my body is confused what is happening, where this extra rest is coming from. Eyes are a bit puffy to be honest – not sure where that is coming from.

The best effect so far is my brain feels like it is getting itself out of a knot. Like it was a ball of string all criss-crossed and tangled up and is unwinding a bit. It is smoothing out and opening up.

Refreshing to think about business while not on the inside of the notifications and daily alerts. I am often strategizing what to do when I get back by writing it or brainstorming with Wendy.

And playing with Maggie has been awesome. This time is probably the best time for me to get to know my daughter. She just turned 1 years old, and I love holding her on my shoulders and walking her around. She is able to climb up the playscape and slide all by herself – which I find amazing as a one year old baby.

I have gotten through a few books I’ve wanted to read – Tools of the Titans which is a massively long book (but highly recommend!), and The Membership Economy which dives into how the future of businesses will be in memberships.

Though I am still a bit on the edge of my seat thinking about the emails I need to check when I get back. Earlier in the “digital detox” I was checking in with Jessa at customer service to see if things were ok – she assured me it is ok and to enjoy my vacation. She also said she and the rest of the team appreciate the opportunity I have given them.

That made my heart melt- because that is what I really enjoy the most – giving people opportunities. To those willing to learn and earn it.

After this holiday, I want to make bigger changes. I want to help more people reach their goals. But my biggest problem has been taking on too many projects, being too excited on new opportunities myself. Cross Border Summit is a bit over 2 months away and there is still a ton of work to do. But this event is a cornerstone in what we are trying to do at Global From Asia – and I am excited that it is the second annual, of many more to come in the future.

If anyone reading this is upset that I haven’t responded to your email on my Chinese New Year holiday break, I am sorry. But I think you should understand that I have been “over-wired” the past….10 years and need to de-compress. I’ll come back so clear minded and ready to rock. There is a ton of work to do and the path is much more clear now.

Update: Still Enjoying Digital Detox

Really, there have been multiple days I have gone on digital detox, and I have come back ten times stronger.

Trying to decide a frequency of going on digital detox – but at least once a year I try to have an extended amount of days away from computers. My only accepted one is the Kindle – as I love to read books and I refuse to carry around hard copy / printed books everywhere. Plus I feel the eReader screen is very light on the eyes. Have read some great books on the Kindle during my Digital Detox sessions and feel taht is acceptable.

I wonder what you are using for your digital detox routines? And do you have a frequency of digital detox?

A buddy I know does it every Sunday. No screen day.

That seems like a nice goal.

Grab this notebook to document your Digital Detox progress

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