Inside Chinese Entrepreneur Community – Day 2 Shenzhen Startup Weekend #swsz

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Its saturday afternoon here in Shenzhen’s 2nd official Startup Weekend! We have 12 ideas / startups / teams going strong and I’m going to be the first (in English at least!) to write about them:

Team #, Team Name / Idea (if no name)

#63 – Business Capital Bridge – a platform for capital matchmaking

#18 – Good Try online dressing showcase

#34 – Solomon Card -a single “SOLOMO” card to replace your phone as your wallet.

#27 – tourbook, a facebook for tour groups and trip planning

#51 – menu ordering mobile application – replace the need to use a menu at a restauran.

#24 – Teams Up – recruit team members for projects online.

#38 – Pet connector, an online community to match pets and their pet owners with other pets / owners.

#37 – Dress Real – online website to help you match your clothes.

#53 – Social Party games, ways to play “rock paper scissors” with friends at a party, on your mobile phone.

#77 – Healthcare system management, manage Chinese medical patients online.

#80 T-Plus – crowdsourced t-shirts online

#33 – platform for skill exchange.

THESE ENTREPRENEURS need to start putting some names to their ideas! Almost finished with day 2 and we still have a lot of them without firm names! (registrar of the .co domain extension) is sponsoring all global startup teams – and giving away 1 year domain names for participants. Lets get some decisions on names guys!

Language is primarily Chinese – only about 10 – 15 “foreigners” out of the 97 who attended this weekend’s event.

LESS TALK – more doing. Will blog more later.

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  1. Whoa, thats a HUGE change around (10-15 foreigners) from last time…

    Any usual faces at this startup weekend that attended the first or second ones you arranged?

      1. What the, Dave Ho makes it (finally) ?!  How did you get him to finally come this time around? What did you bribe him with??  :-p  (tell him I said hey)

        And no usual suspects; Mitch, Kris Jane, Vlad, Doug, Tully or even Gypsy?  

        Surprisingly shocked…

  2. big number show up
    good job 
    you can sell were it can not be made
    and make something were you can not sell
    world market place

    1. thanks dad….yea….trying to do something that hasnt been done.. there is creativity in chinese people….the world just doesnt know

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