Preparing for Beijing, China Trip, September 15 to 19

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Pushing the envelope. I’ll be flying up to Beijing next Sunday September 15th and stay for a few days until the Mid Autumn Festival (Chinese holiday) starts. As always, jamming as much as I can in just a few days.

Here’s the current agenda:

Sunday, September 15th – fly in from Shenzhen, not making any plans as anticipating delayed flights for hours (as usual)

Monday, September 16th – working on confirming some meetings with agencies and investors.

Monday night – Will go to Mobile Monday – (but seems filled up…)

Tuesday, September 17th – Will spend my day in San Li Tun (Western area of Beijing) – Host a small meetup in the evening. Still working on confirming a location for an evening event where I’ll share about Social Agent startup and what it can for Western business owners who want to leverage Chinese sales agents to do sales in the Chinese market. Will speak to this audience from the “Client” perspective.

When: Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

Time: 7pm to 9:30pm

Where: Nearby the Tree (bar and restaurant)

Sanlitun district 三里屯
Xingfu Sancun 3 Xiang (behind Yashow, west of Tongli)
Chaoyang District

Wednesday, September 18th – Spending my day in Zhongguancun district of Beijing (where the Chinese tech area is, aka Chinese Silicon Valley). Garage cafe in the afternoon. Planning to meet Sina Weibo. Will host an event in 3W Coffee in the evening from 7pm to 9:30pm for the “Chinese sales agent”, discussing how Social media can help do sales for businesses, with tactics how. Hope to connect with the Chinese startup scene more there.

Thursday, September 19th – Open day so far. Believe there is a Lean Startup Beijing meetup. Confirming that (will update this blog as I find out more)

Again, this trip is less than a week away. Trying my best to plan more in advance, but dealing with the cards as they are dealt.

I do hope to get back to Beijing after the Mid Autumn Festival around Monday September 23rd.

In China, the end of September and early October are hard to make business plans, as there is the Mid-Autumn festival and then the National Holiday (Oct 1 – 7)

China will be “back for business” about mid-October I’d say.

A little nervous about this Beijing trip, doing 2 events – but aiming to have 1 for the “Western business owner” with the other for the “Chinese agent”.

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  1. Good luck on your BJ trip Mike. Go get ’em!

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