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Its been a few days since I have been blogging…kinda off track as I’m getting more and more negative energy from people about why I blog, and why I blog here for free. and how people who I may not want to read it, read it. and how it may negatively effect my business having staff, customers, and competitors reading into my thoughts and feelings….but I’m gonna keep on going.

Its 5am sunday night (monday morning) and i’m hanging out on mike morelos couch….he is sleeping for work tomorrow, and I am on night schedule so I’m keeping on track even during the weekend (WHEN EVERYONE here is sleeping…..)

So he recommended I watch a movie called Up In the Air – which has George Clooney as the main actor. I had no idea about it before, but I gave it a shot as I’m hanging out on my own anyway.

It has struck me on 3 chords –

  • (a) on the constant travel and being disconnected from family and friends,
  • (b) the hard times it must be laying people off in America, at the current state of America
  • (c) Life and human interaction cannot be replaced by computers
  • The idea of the movie is George Clooney is a “consultant” flying from city to city, company to company, professionally firing people from their jobs, in the masses. he explains to the newly fired staff that its not a negative event, but a POSITIVE ONE – as its a new beginning. And that humans are not to settle and get comfortable, but to be SHARKS.

    So he barely has an apartment, but he does have a 1 bedroom in Nebraska. He is rarely there, as he spends the majority of his time on the road. He has never been married, or probably not many relationships. He feels family and the traditional “american dream” is overrated, and he prefers to be on the road and time away. Like he is escaping something.

    And he is good at what he does – firing people – somewhat cold – but he is good at getting these newly laid off staff members somewhat positive about their lives.

    His family forgets who he is, he does go back for his sister’s wedding, but he has a very small involvement in the wedding, as his sister and niece think that he is rarely around and how can he care, really.

    Then there is the sad idea about the state of the US economy……how that the American has worked so hard, thinks that they are critical to the company’s operation, only to be tossed away like an un-needed piece of trash. Its sad…because in a way, I am involved with this, being in the Philippines, working in outsourcing and business processing and offshoring….I am directly involved in this revolution.

    Lastly……is the idea that LIFE cannot be replaced by a computer. George Clooney is on the road, to talk face to face to those who are being laid off. But his company attempts to save money, but having it done remotely over the computer via video conferencing……….but to deal with such a delicate human emotion – being told you are no longer needed for the company you have worked so hard for, for so many years, is no longer needed…how can that be done by a video conference remotely…

    Sadly, it doesn’t work, and one of those fired staff cut off via a online video, commits suicide, and the whole video conferencing firing operation is rolled back….BECAUSE YOU NEED HUMAN FACE TO HUMAN FACE interaction during delicate times…

    But man, this struck a cord for for me……the US economy, the lay offs, the outsourcing, the traveling, the video conferencing and computers replacing human interaction…..

    What is this world turning into….makes us all wonder….

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    1. nice movie thanks for review
      you are best
      what do you want to have for supper?
      fam is planning you stay

      1. Author

        can’t wait to be home! you know my favorites:

        chili, brown rice
        stroganoff, egg noodles
        spaghetti, meatballs

    2. aaa am i one of the negative ppl who asked abt blogging for free… ;P

      but still, mayb i’d do the same. u know what u got fm this blog anyways~

      n yea…i’m not sure what u r thinking. if u can, try to stay in one country for a longer while…
      i met a guy who’s traveling every week, on average is one country per week then move to another…he told me he’s lonely tho it’s fun to b in different places every week….

      i plan to stay in hk as i feel like there r too many come n go frens. b4 i wanna b one of them but as there r some ‘biz’ in hk, i might better stay. n i feel like it’s always gd to b hm, no matter how long u’v been there.

      but still, the uk working holiday’s still a consideration, i also c biz opp, career path n the pursuit of happiness 😉

      1. Author

        hey Lammy,
        yea, nice touch at the end with “Happiness in Pursuit” via pursuit of happiness” haha.

        well, we just have to do what we feel is right, its our life isn’t it? have to be selfish in a way i guess……if we are not happy ourselves, then how can we make others happy….i guess its about fulfillment……

    3. good post. I liked that movie too. Really good points you hit. I also considered the fact that the lady he has a fling with, her flying life is a fake life, a fling. But to him, that’s his real life and that’s when he really realizes that his life is lame. And all he always thought was clever is really lame. Makes me sit down and wonder about my priorities in life and what I’m doing – and I had to get myself back in line, back on the road to my goals. great post

      1. Author

        yea , glad you like it Piotr, this is why it makes you think about life…..for me too….i’m like this guy flying all the time! I haven’t seen my family in 2 1/2 years……I guess its ok because I’m yuong….but will i turn out like him??

        needed this movie as an eye opener

        1. Hence the reason I asked you to see this!

          I constantly think of how you and your many foreign friends in Shenzhen may be in the same situation. At first, I thought, well, you guys are busy all the time anyway that you won’t have time to think through these things.

          But if you start counting the number of people who may have this at the back of their heads, away from home, traveling all the time, it makes it slightly disturbing…now how many of have actually had the opportunity to reflect on their situation is the next question. Hope it aint too late for many!

          1. Author

            yea man…..

            well it is kind of why I started this blog…my friends in NYC and I were at a bar back in early 2007 and I was telling them I was leaving corporate America for a life of entrepreneurship and travel…..so they wanted to follow the story on this blog….

            Yes, there are quite a few people like me these days, and GROWING. As the world becomes mroe “international” and as its becomes easier (for the most part) to travel and interact with people online…I also see more people like me emerging…

            Its scary, but its never too late, right?

          2. Keep up the blog man. without this blog, you and I would have probably lost touch – as you reply to this much more often than emails. It is a nice way for all of us back here in the States to keep up with you and see how you are doing – and that you are alive.

            I moved out from CT out west to CA. when I moved out I promised my mom that I would come back one day. will I. I think so I mean I plan to but when?

            i used to think why does my family want me in CT dont they care what I want, wont they be happy if I succeed? but then I realized that my parents raised me and they get enjoyment out of hanging out with me and having me around. They put a lot of work into making me who I am raising me and all and probably want to hang out or want me to help them with stuff. they want to be a part of my life. I realized I was the selfish one only thinking about myself. so i am here asking myself that question. will I move back – yes? when will I do it?

            1. Author

              hey Piotr,
              thanks for constantly keeping up with me on the blog, that also inspires me to write more!

              yes, you and I are in somewhat similiar situations about family and location….no family near us…….we kinda said/ thought we would move back at some point…..but wondering when that day or event will come. But for me, my parents seem overall happy in Florida, with others their age and from the northeast originally. They do support me, I just think I need to come back and visit more regularly……..maybe not permanently

    4. Nice review. Watched it 6 months ago, totally reflecting the economic situation in the US. Traveling means “less attachment”, and that means “care less”.
      I think it’s perfectly OK when we are still young, when we are still searching… to at least have a taste before you make any big decision in life. I am sure you will one day know your way.
      BTW, please ignore those negative voice about blogging for free thing, writing/blogging is the best platform to communicate with people and also your own self.

      1. Author

        hey Cynthy,
        thanks for reading! but this you say makes me think…

        “traveling = less attachment ==> care less”

        hmmm, I dont know if i like that….I care now more then ever….and I’m traveling all the time……there are some people in this world who travel for a living – CONNECT people, connect cultures…..and then there are those who develop deeper, local connections in their hometown.

        Yea, I’ll ignore those requests to stop blogging for free…..I love this blog and connecting people and making people think out of the box…..and this blog represents my life, my travel, and maybe what I may have given up if I stayed home.

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