Staying Strong When The World Feels Like Its Falling Down On Top Of You!

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Life is crazy….it is unpredictable. And we have to be prepared for anything. I am way behind on my blog posts, I have about 8 new blog topics half written, photos ready, and ready to crank out…but I feel this post today will summarize and lead into all of them.

I always do too much, get into more then I can handle…..”bite off more then you can chew” as they say it.

BUT I CHEW IT ALL and I will get through it. I think its times like this when you define yourself as a business person, an entrepreneur, and overall as a person adding value to the business society.

Ok, now let me explain what the heck am I talking about.

Staff issues – my trusted sales manager having an early baby delivery, rushing to the hospital with Marie last wednesday as her water broke during our meeting. This will be a full blog post in the next few days…but newyorkbarstore is under fire now as emails are building up, warehouses, logistics, backorders…..Pure insanity that most of my ecommerce friends can also agree comes and goes. At least its a low season in the summertime.

Changing ecommerce warehouses in California – trying to build a cooperation with a Shenzhen logistics and ecommerce service company and they are building up a USA fulfillment center…..its been a rough transition with language, culture, and business differences… well as having staff and teams all over the world…China, Philippines, USA. Emails, time zones, chats, phone calls.

Reorganization at the fiveislands dongguan fulfillment center -big changes there….re organizing the company direction and staff. I have close connections as I spent a lot of my time living there in Dongguan, China ….as well as working relationships. Just seems end of last week and into this week been a lot of hard decisions to make.

Hurricanes and Earthquakes surrounding my friends back in USA – getting voicemails from friends worried their houses my blow down! (Ty!) And reading news online that Manhattan, NYC may flood…just insane!

More USA Wedding invitations – More and more wedding invitations to my Florida, USA address (that my poor dad has to scan in and figure out how to email me) ….that internal pressure to get serious in a love relationship, get married, spread the seeds, get kids, get a home…..isn’t that what life is all about? I’m 30 years old now …..getting that regular lecture from friends and family that I need to start thinking about a family.

College friend visit to Hong Kong first time – This will be a blog post soon, just one year ago my buddy Hasan visited me in Hong Kong ….this time it was another college and fraternity brother here, on business selling real estate to Chinese! I really am happy my friends are coming from USA here, so I had to give him some tour time around Hong Kong and Macau….but it was exhausting and draining while my business is under fire!

This Shenzhen coworking and startup community building is taking more time – It really does drain time and energy….and as much as I am passionate about it, I still do not see a way for it to pay my bills (in the short term at least) so I cannot dedicate 100% of my time, I need to build up the ecommerce business (above) which is under fire with staff having babies, on sick leave, and changing warehouses. I hope to keep the energy going towards this startup community. Getting tons of emails and calls about the BootUP! weekend this weekend, many people want and need this, so its fulfilling, and its what I’m passionate about.

I may need to tell you guys I need push back the launch of this podcast I am so excited about, but still aiming for this weekend, maybe from on site at the BootUP!

Rock on….just needed to vent here a bit…..its Monday and actually I think things will be better by mid-week…..

And I miss blogging….

Its these tough times though, this is when we are defined as business people….and human beings overall. And I will not give up or bend under pressure

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