Speaking on Social Media + SEO Integration in Beijing, Monday 9/17

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As part of my trip to Beijing, this coming Monday Sept 17 I will speak at a Chinese SEO + SEM internet marketing conference. I have been asked to speak about how social media affects SEO, and integrating the 2 to optimize your search campaign.

This will be a bit more advanced seminar, as the attendees are more experienced search marketing professionals. I’m really excited about this opportunity, and will later add my slides and updates / photos once the event is finished. I am trying to focus my discussions these days to be around Social media rather than SEO, so in this SEO event, I’ll discuss how to integrate social media into a search campaign.

And when I speak to the Chinese audience, I talk on English social media (here I was asked to speak on facebook and twitter optimization), but when I talk to the Western / foreign audience, I speak about Chinese social media. Everyone wants to learn something that is exotic.

Those interested about attending, the event is http://www.timev.com/event/sem2012bj/index.php (sorry, website and event hosted in Chinese language only…), below is my quick translation of the event:

Event: Search General Assembly in Beijing September 17 to win the 2012 national tour of the era station.

Event Decription: Meeting from the Beijing Internet companies, especially large flow relatively large site, at the same time a considerable number of websites have been more familiar with the business such as SEO, PPC, and many search engines vendor base characteristics in Beijing win the times this year all search Assembly where the contents of the most in-depth meeting. Welcome to participate, I believe that will allow you to be more rewarding than a lot of training!

Date: Monday, September 17, 2012

Location: Beijing New Century Hotel Nikko, Beijing, China

Excited to take part in this event and share, as well as learn and network with more Chinese internet search professionals.

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