Trip to Guangzhou, TV Interview on GDTV Facetime

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Seriously things have been happening so quickly in 2012. Over the past couple weeks Amy and I have been talking to Halley at GDTV (Guangdong TV) located in Guangdong province’s capital, Guangzhou

This TV show is called FaceTime, which is a series of interviewing foreigners living and working in China. It is not actually aired inside China, but instead its audience is in America, and Hong Kong. This specific series of TV was for viewers in Los Angeles, California – so Halley, the director, really stressed that I treat this interview as its an audience in America, not in China. To focus on those things that would be interesting to Americans learning about China business.

What are my topics, what did I speak about, below I’m sharing the whole outline. I don’t want to spoil the interview that is scheduled to be aired on television at the end of the month, so I will hold back my answers.

Basically, we covered China vs USA e-commerce, and also the Startup scene in South China. These are my two main focuses and passions, so it was vey natural for me to answer these questions and not get too stressed under the camera.


Guest:Mr. Michael A. Michelini president of Shadstone Consulting


Location(s):Guangzhou GDTV Studio Headquarters
Date(s):16th March 2012
Director:Halley Yang
Rundown:1. Brief introduction about Michael

2. Part one–Studio ( questions—stop on LA)

3. Part two—short videos from LA

4. Part three—studio( questions—“Hackerspace”/VCR of the event/)

5. Part four—VOX POP

6. Part five—studio(about family and plans for the future)

7. Part six, seven—GD in your eyes, quiz time


E-commerce career booming in china.


l PART ONE: back to the studio—welcome today’s guest a creative business connector between United States and Southern China market– Mr. Michael A. Michelini, the president of “Shadstone consulting”.



1. As I know, you worked in the Wall Street, New York before you carve out your career here in Guangdong. May I know why you gave up this enviable chance? What’s the motivation of you?

(Here I will use the company card photo of mike and the pictures of the Wall Street to create the combination view)


2. As you mentioned, your business began from California in the year of 2007, can you tell us about your progress on your business?


3. After read your blog, I thought that you are doing as a platform to connect American people and Chinese people. Just as you mentioned, you are connector these years. Can you tell us how can you become a bridge and why you enjoyed doing so?


4. I know you are working at the area of American SEO and E-commerce in southern China. Can you please explain for us, what is SEO? And as I understand, the SEO can be divided into two parts – one is online business, another is to upgrade the click rate of website upon some kind of system. Am I right on it? Please explain more to us.


5. In your opinion, what’s the difference between American SEO and Chinese SEO? Do you have any recommendations for the overseas enterprisers, who are looking forward to open their ecommerce career in Chinese market?


6. I saw on your blog, you did as an agency to bring American enterpriser visited the Baidu Company last month. You mentioned that Baidu has already created Japanese and Chinese user visions. However, lots of English speaking customs are going to join the Chinese local market, they are eager to see the number one search engine Baidu give them chance to do commercial advertisings in English vision. Can you tell us a little bit more about this story and what’s your opinion about the ubiquitous opportunities in Chinese market?


7. I know you are very familiar with the founder of “” Mrs. Gillian Muessig, and she gave lots of help on self-improvement to be a good CEO. During these couples years development, what is the most important thing in your eyes to be a good CEO? And do you have suggestions to our audiences upon their startups?


8. Once I read your blog, I found you worked a long period to find a good partner to help you on the OPERATIONS. Can you explain to us what’s the “operations”? ( the guest should mention the “LA Warehouse”) HOST: how to describe the relationship between Chinese sellers and American market?


HOST:Mike’s friends from LA told us several days ago, when they know our GDTV World will come to LA, and our “Face Time” is going to do an episode for Mike. They want to say something to Mike and our program via the camera. Let’s have a look!

(Here the guest should pretend he didn’t know it before)


l PART TWO—short videos from friends of Mike in LA

(In this part, I will use several short videos from Mike’s friends in LA. They will say “how are you Mike? I miss you! Take care of yourself and best wishes for you! Welcome to Los Angles “Face Time”!)


l PART THREE—studio


1. Mike, I know you did many events with “Hackerspace” in Shenzhen, in order to communicate the creative ideas among kinds of startups. Upgrade the businesses in their careers. Can you introduce for audiences, what’s the “Hackerspace” and do you have some interesting stories to share with us?


(VCR of the event)


2. The business of “Foreign Trade Federation” in China was also part of your work. Can you explain for us what is the “FTF” and do you find any new opportunities via this organization?



3. I know you did hundreds of speeches about the ecommerce and international business these years all around the world in US, Hong Kong, Philippines. Such as: four times Jinan University speeches and “business experiences in China” in America. Can you tell us which one gave you the deepest impress and briefly describe it for us?


4. So after so many years experiences on connecting US with China, in your opinion, what are the positive methods of Chinese market should be used for reference for American land? Can you give our audiences recommendations about how American young enterprisers with high passion to open their Chinese market?


5. Talk about “creatives”, what do you think about “innovative technology potential” in ecommerce? What kind of innovation did you do before?


Host: Mike is really an amazing business guy with passion and inspiration. I felt I was already lost myself inside his legend doing as a brave pioneer on his own career. Next, let’s see what the audiences say!




I will ask several people “do you know SEO? What’s the ecommerce in your eyes? And do you think the Chinese local SEO should add the English advertising vision? ….)



l PART FIVE—family and future plan

Welcome back, so we can see many people are not very familiar with what you did, but lots of people thought there is a huge market if we connect the US business and Chinese market together. Things you did are really amazing!


Now I am just wondering about your family.



1. How many people in your home? I guess you are always missing your hometown, right? You can talk to your family and friends in America via our camera.


2. And what’s your future plan for your business?


l PART SIX—Guangdong in your eyes


Please bring an item from your life or work to conclude your impression for Guangdong. (Guest)



l PART SEVEN—quiz time

((((I’ll hide this, so that those viewers who watch it on TV cannot cheat, haha.)))



Host: I am your host Janis, bringing you all the latest in China from GDTV World headquarter in Guangzhou, Goodbye!


The taping took a couple hours this Friday morning of March 16th. It will be about 20 – 30 minute long program airing at the end of the month.

Also it was great to get to know the host, Janis, a bit more after the show taping. She’s from Toronto, Canada and has been living in China for 1 year now – but has traveled all over the globe and has tons of experience in all kinds of fields – mainly around business, fashion, modeling. She is joining the FaceTime show to help show China to the rest of the world, and was updating me on a few changes planned for the future of the show. REally cool stuff, she is very spiritual and we discussed Wall Street a ton, economics, and business. I hope to refer them more people to be interviewed on the show, and excited as they grow from just 1 year old to a major media show!

Rock on, writing this from the train back to Shenzhen. Tons more work to do, but this was an amazing opportunity and lets see where this extra exposure takes us to next!

Later, it was posted on weibo as:

Face Time finished the studio shooting about young ecommerce CEO-Mr. Michael A. Michelini, president of “Shadstone”. The guest shared with us about his experiences on his career. He also gave our audiences precious recommendations on how to carve out own business.Watch us please

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