Happy 1st Birthday Miles!

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I’m typing today’s blog post up with Miles crawling around at my feet in my home office. Keeps tugging at the wires and so I am constantly taking a pause from writing to prevent him from pulling the laptop off the desk or ripping a power cord out. The new complexities of working from home 🙂

Last night we celebrated Miles’s first birthday. Just a small thing with Wendy, grandpa, and me. We decided to skip a big birthday celebration. Life is moving so fast.

Think Back To 1 Year Ago

Now I know how my mom feels when my birthday comes – its not just a celebration for the kid, but also the parents. My mom would always put my baby photo album out on the living room table on my birthday to flip through the photos of my childhood. She would also bring up stories about how I acted and played and ate when I was a kid.

I think we really appreciate our parents when we become one ourselves. Now seeing Miles with his birthday cake will make me remember that stressful and beautiful time when he came into the world.

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Motivation Like Nothing Else Before

Having a kid is the biggest motivator I have ever had. For a long time I would think that having a kid would make me lose focus on my business and “get lazy” – but quite the opposite has happened. I am more focused, more disciplined, more determined than ever before.

Watching him get bigger each day, learning new things, needing new toys – this gets me excited and I want to give him all the opportunities possible.

I know I have been blogging less. I’m writing a new book and putting my writing time to that every morning. Making a ton of podcasts and working on building up Unchained Apps to grow more users, downloads and grow the brand of apps in the portfolio.

Happy birthday Miles – not only for you, but also for me. I feel like I am re-born.

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  1. hey Ger,
    Yes I had a few people send me that podcast episode so I listened. Mostly I agree, I know I’ll never be accepted a a “Chinese” even if I have a Chinese family, live in China for the rest of my life….

    it wil take a few more generations to change, but it will…

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