See You in Bangkok? Sellers World + Affiliate World

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See You At Affiliate World Asia and Sellers World Conference in BKK?

I’m pretty pumped – the last big event of 2019 for me – and it is a 2 for 1

Affiliate World Asia (Wed/Thurs Dec 4-5), 2019
Sellers World Conference (Friday Dec 6), 2019

Will be going as Global From Asia media partner and there to connect with tons of affiliate marketers and ecommerce sellers for the Alpha Rock Capital expansion, as well as find great content and guests (have my v-log camera out and ready).

This event is going to be massive, and I’m flying down from Chiang Mai (yes, cities in Thailand are airplane trips away sometimes, I know, I know – its a big country!) on Tuesday Dec 3 (tomorrow as I type this) and want to make the most of this conference.

Learn, but of course connect. Even on casual encounters over the last few weeks have been finding people who want to go and meetup. Think that is what events are about – meeting and making deals. (And yes, really wondering the format and style for the fifth annual Cross Border Summit in 2020).

So here’s the lineup for the next few days at the event

Affiliate World Asia Schedule

Day 1 : Main Stage

11:00 Opening Remarks

11:10 Machine Learning on Facebook: Is It Smarter Than a Seasoned Media Buyer?
Savannah Sanchez
Facebook Ads Lab

11:50 Scaling Systems: Pressure-Testing $20k/Day Spend on Our Advanced Ad Systems for the Annual Q1 Slam
Dimitri Nikolakakis
Facebook Ads Lab

12:40 AMA: Inside the Mind of Nick Shackelford | PLUS: Live Interactive Creative Contest
Nick Shackelford
Facebook Ads Lab

13:30 Stage Break
14:00 TikTok Presents: How a Short-Video Platform Has Disrupted the World and Become a Destination for Brands
Thanaphon Arphasittinant

14:35 The Perfect Funnel for List Building with Native Ads
Joe BurtonLeads Lab

15:15 Owning the Customer: How I Built a $100k+ per Day Lead Gen Business from Scratch
Anthony Sarandrea
Leads Lab

15:55 Stage Break
16:10 3 Affiliate Golden Rules to Take You from 3-Figures to 5-Figures Daily
Anna Gita

16:50 Creatives That Serve & Sell: How to Increase Your Relevancy Score Through Consumer Psychology
Alexandr Fedotov

Day 1: Breakout Stage

12:00 Opening Remarks
12:10 Chatbots 2.0 Unleashed: The Future of Conversational Commerce, Driving Sales, & Building Brands
Yash Kotak
Facebook Ads Lab

12:55 The 6-Figure Flip Story: Flipping Your Web Property to a 14x Investment with Affiliate SEO
Matt Diggity
Leads Lab

13:40 ROI Booster: How to Enable AI to Significantly Increase Your AdWords Lead Gen Campaigns
Tabish Nishat
Leads Lab

14:15 Stage Break
14:45 Copyliance: How to Write for the Health Space Without Getting Slapped
Heath Wilcock

15:25 How I Make $200k a Month Promoting Mobile Apps in Tier 3 Geos
Georgina Green

16:05 How We Saved Affiliates over $25 Million in Taxes Last Year with These Three Techniques
Muhammad Umar

16:25 How to Easily Grow Your Brand Army with an 80% Customer Retention Rate
Steven Black

Day 2: Main Stage

12:00 Opening Remarks
12:10 How to Optimise Your Google Shopping Campaigns to Increase ROI and Minimise Costs
Earnest Epps
Ecommerce Lab

12:55 How to Take Control of the Holidays with My 6-Step Email Marketing Sales Sequence
Joshua Chin
Ecommerce Lab

13:40 How We Built One of the Fastest-Growing Brands in the U.S. with Facebook Ads
Alex Tshering
Ecommerce Lab

14:30 Stage Break
15:00 Untouched Verticals: How to Earn $60k in 10 Days Using Viral Content
Hen Kinan

15:25 Tap That Ecom App: How I Generated $1,383,031 in Sales in 1 Month
Van Oakes

16:15 Ecommerce Experts Panel: What It Takes to Build a 9-Figure Ecommerce Empire
Angus Kong, Evan Tan, Steve Tan

Day 2: Breakout Stage

12:45 Opening Remarks
12:55 How to Grow and Monetise Your Instagram to 50k Followers in 3 Months
Zach Benson

13:20 How Mastering Infrastructure Enabled Me to Build a $20M Ecom Empire in My 1st Year
Kevin Zhang
Ecommerce Lab

13:55 Cash-On-Delivery Workshop: Cracking into Untapped Markets in 2020
Om Thoke, Prateek Dwivedi

15:00 Push Ads Workshop: Building Successful Push Ads Campaigns, Collecting and Monetising Subscribers, and Strategies to Scale
Andrew Payne, Anton Kornev

Sellers World Conference Schedule

10:15 Opening Remarks
10:25 [Beginners Workshop Part 1] Navigating the Minefield: How to Setup an Amazon Account and Select Products for Success
Zack Franklin

11:15 [Beginners Workshop Part 2] Product Sourcing, Shipping, and Introduction to FBA
Lisa Qian

12:00 Accelerated Amazon Success: How to Purchase Your First Amazon FBA Store
Greg Elfrink

13:30 Levelling Up: Going from Private Label to a Real 6x Brand
Tim Jordan

14:10 The Ultimate Product Launch Nobody Dares to Talk About
Howard Thai

14:50 How to Own the Customer and Maximise Their Lifetime Value
Zack Franklin

15:45 Traffic Mastery & Advanced Algorithm Hacks: Cracking Amazon SEO to Stay Ahead of Your Competitors
Steven Black

16:30 Mastering Paid Traffic to Drive Ranking & Sales to Amazon
Zan Shaikh

17:15 Exit Strategies Panel: Preparing Yourself for an 7-Figure Plus Exit
Patrick Zhang, Tamas Halasz, Special Guest

See You There? Make Some deals?!

Hope to see some of you there!

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