Packing For China + Bangkok Conference (Now: Dec 1-7, 2019)

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Packing, Bangkok,

What Mike’s Up To Dec 1 – 7, 2019

This week ahead:

Going to Affiliate World Asia and Seller’s World Conference Tuesday til Saturday in Bangkok.

Packing up the house in Chiang Mai – boxes everywhere.

Preparing to go to Manila after a few weeks in China to work more closely with the team at Alpha Rock Capital in 2020

More and more content creation as always 😉

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  1. Will you move back to Chiang Mai later, or are you done with Thailand? Good luck Mike

      1. just curious – why Thailand Mike? say vs. Singapore or Japan or Taiwan or Hong Kong, which are more developed

        1. Author

          basically because i work online – and can pick a place to live based on what is offered (value) vs cost.

          1. Author

            truly is rough right now, but also wife would have flown to China if we were living in USA due to the circumstance. so then what would i have done by being in america?

          2. better medical care, more stability, maybe wife’s family stays with you in the US for a while?

          3. Author

            Hi Lucas,
            I’ll let my friend answer this for you – most of my friends don’t read this blog but instead my podcast Global From Asia or facebook – but I want to share it here. I think I’ll make a blog post about this topic too “CAn’t Go Back To America” haha.


            Dont go back to the USA
            I mean go back 1-2 times a year
            but your kids are likely more Asian than they will ever be Western
            which is normal given that they lived all their lives in Asia
            Things may seem dark now, be it in life or at a geopolitical level, but we can’t just say that we are in the game when the weather is nice
            I really appreciate your work and it inspires me what you and that guy from Andorra is doing.
            We will all get through this
            Then I do understanding that having kids in the picture is a different level, and I have been to Shenyang… not the worst place but also not the top of my list either
            Focus on work and gather more wealth for your family. Like Obi Wan said, Money solves all problems.

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