My Dad: Super Blood Donor (100 gallons)

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My Dad Is Amazing – Record 100 Gallon Blood Donor

Since as young as I can remember, my dad has been donating blood. I remember going with him, getting a lollipop, and talking to the nurses at the various blood centers.

Not sure how it got started, but he was giving blood consistently.

Maybe every week or so, I would remember him coming back home from the office and having a white bandage on his elbow showing he had given blood.

And all the little metal pins of the gallon(s) of blood he had given.

Well, a massive milestone was just reached – 100 gallons of blood.

How much is that, I can’t even comprehend – let’s think of it like a gallon of milk you buy in a store. If you drink a gallon of milk a week, it would be about 2 years of it!

(Weird visual just popped up of drinking gallons of blood, maybe not the best example) – but you get the point right?

Read The Local Newspaper’s Article

They said it much better –
Here’s the article in the TC Palm news, that says it much better than I can:

At 100 gallons donated, Michelini has saved at least 864 lives.


Congratulations dad. I know how important it has been to you to donate blood regularly. I remember you frying up some liver and onions on the stove explaining it had a lot of iron and was good with lots of rich vitamins. I’m really proud of you and happy you have made it happen to reach this unbelievable milestone.

Download the article as PDF?

Download it as PDF here

photo with my son and my dad

Feedback From China!

So some of our readers in China (on Wechat) said this amazing feedback:

Thank you for sharing his story! Please send our best wishes to him.We just organized a group of students for donating blood. We are so touched by his story! – Jim Zhang

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