In by Michael Michelini

Looking to get started with a shopping cart – fast and easy?

Shopify is the place you should head on over then. Simply signup, pick your monthly plan, get a shop name, template, and import/add your products and you are good to go!

That is probably one of the reasons it has exploded in users over the years – the old shopping cart systems needed to be installed on your server, customized, and maintained. With Shopify you simply signup, and are done.

Definitely a top choice for those who are not interested in getting too technical or hiring a programmer, you can get up and selling right away.

For the drawback, it isn’t on your server so you don’t have full ability to make custom modifications. But with the growing amount of third party apps developers are making more and more is possible.

If you want to get selling on your own website fast and easy – Shopify is your top solution, check out Shopify and signup today

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