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Putting Countdown timers inside of the email.

That is the main usage I have for Deadline funnel.

A simple feature, so it seems, but one that you cannot ignore. People are not clicking the links in your email – at least the vast majority.

But how many actually open and scan through the email? More –

Not sure about you – but in my experience normally an email gets a 30% open rate and a 2-5% click rate.

So with deadline funnel – that 30% can see the countdown timer instead of just the 2-5% who click the link.

This way you can build the sales page right inside of the email – with the countdown timer, price, buy now button all seen while the person is still in their inbox.

Can Get More Advanced With Evergreen Funnels

Now, I have done the evergreen – but it can get much more complex. This is for those who have an email course with a pitch at the end. You can have each person who goes into your funnel given their own countdown. Once they get to a certain point where you will pitch them their offer, you have their own unique countdown.

The technology seems unique and I haven’t seen it other places – that it tracks so that even if the person uses a different computer or mobile phone, etc it will keep them on that original timer.

The idea of this strategy being is you have a year round automatically tracked funnel that has its own count down.

So check out Deadline funnel today

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