Create Evergreen Funnels and Convert Traffic with Deadline Funnel (Review)

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Putting Countdown timers inside of the email.

That is the main usage I have for Deadline funnel.

A simple feature, so it seems, but one that you cannot ignore. People are not clicking the links in your email – at least the vast majority.

But how many actually open and scan through the email? More –

Not sure about you – but in my experience normally an email gets a 30% open rate and a 2-5% click rate.

So with deadline funnel – that 30% can see the countdown timer instead of just the 2-5% who click the link.

This way you can build the sales page right inside of the email – with the countdown timer, price, buy now button all seen while the person is still in their inbox.

Can Get More Advanced With Evergreen Funnels

Now, I have done the evergreen – but it can get much more complex. This is for those who have an email course with a pitch at the end. You can have each person who goes into your funnel given their own countdown. Once they get to a certain point where you will pitch them their offer, you have their own unique countdown.

The technology seems unique and I haven’t seen it other places – that it tracks so that even if the person uses a different computer or mobile phone, etc it will keep them on that original timer.

The idea of this strategy being is you have a year round automatically tracked funnel that has its own count down.

Below is INTERNAL documentation but I felt I can share today to help some of you out – enjoy!

How Mike Is Using Deadline Funnel (An Overview)

This is a tool I have been wanting to share with the team for some time. We have used it a bit for emails, but there is so much to it. In this SOP I’ll go through a few ways we can use it – but let’s make specific SOPs for each usage type so we focus.

Watch As A Video (Screenshare)

Mike makes these for the Shadstone team, and is sharing with you today

Logging in to Deadline Funnel
It is and Management should share it to the web team manager to help make campaigns and get code.

Most Effective Use – Thank You Pages 20 minute Countdown

This one is my favorite, and one of the top reasons I bought the software

You know the best time to sell to someone? After the bought / said yes to something.

The best time to make a OTO – one time offer – is after they did an action.

It worked on GFA well (before things got…messy…) was people would subscribe to GFA newsletter, and on the t hank you for signing up page it had a video of Mike and then giving 20 minutes to buy the HK Supercharged course at a special discount.

A certain percentage buy!
We should implement this strategy on as many funnels as possible.

And keep on doing it – the next thank you page -UPSELL something else, etc etc.

Next Most Effective Strategy – Timer Embedded in Email

I think deadline funnel is the only – or one of the only (I don’t know of any others) where you can put a tie right in the email.

Why is this good? Because many people don’t click on the link in the email which has the timer. Most read the email but don’t click.

So having the timer in the email (sometimes I put in 2 or 3 times- at the top and bottom normally) – it shows urgency and can convince more people to click it and take action.

More Complex One – Evergreen email sequences

This one I have done, but is really hard to do.

You can set it up for those who get the email series – that on day 5 or 6 when it is going to ask them to buy something, deadline funnel give that exact person 24 hours (or whatever amount of time) to buy.

You need to setup each contact/email in your list to have a date field and trigger that specific person to have their own count down -but this is the true power of deadline funnel.

And it is built to avoid a user from using different methods to reset the timer – it caches them and tries it best to not let the same person get the 20 minute offer again on their computer (if they missed it 30 minutes later, and try to go to the same thank you page, it will remember them)

There is so much to do with deadline funnel – which is your favorite?

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If you are serious about converting traffic to sales, I recommend Deadline funnel in your toolbox!
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Create Evergreen Funnels and Convert Traffic with Deadline Funnel (Review)
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