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Online Jobs Philippines – my go to source for many of the team we have so far.

This is the go to source for me when I am looking to hire full time staff in the Philippines (Upwork for hourly)

How does Online Jobs PH work?

Pretty straight forward – you write up your own job post to attract applicants. Most of the time you will get flooded with applications – as like many job boards people half the time don’t even read it and are just using their templates to mass apply to jobs.

So the trick is to have a filtering system in place. I often ask them a question or put some keyword in my description to ensure the person spent the 5 minutes to read the job post.

But the big difference with using this system versus Upwork is that you are on your own for hiring and paying them – meaning – they are directly under “you”. And if you don’t have much experience managing online staff, it can be overwhelming. You should have some simple agreement ready for them to sign, an on boarding process, and enough work to keep them busy (with SOPs and video training).

OnlinejobsPH is a great way to get into hiring full time staff in the Philippines, direct. But with direct contracts, comes direct responsibility. They need to trust you as much as you need to trust them.

How Much Does Online Jobs PH Cost?

As of writing it now – it is 69usd per month subscription for up to 3 job posts at the same time. This means you can have in-active jobs if you already filled those jobs and then active which are ones I believe they are actively emailing their list, pushing on facebook, and other channels.

Try out Online Jobs PH today here

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