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So what is Shareasale?

I found this affiliate marketplace “back in the day” when I was doing my first e-commerce business and wanted to have a managed affiliate program. I didn’t trust those websites that told me they would check their Google analytics referral traffic to give me my commissions and I didn’t want to tell my own affiliates they would need to trust me the same.

Sharesale is a platform to help connect product sellers with affiliate marketers. I’m using it as both an affiliate and as a merchant – you can do that too – but you need to create 2 different accounts.

As an affiliate marketplace, you can use your single account to become an affiliate of multiple programs, and also feel a bit better at night knowing they have their own tracking and cookie system.

As a merchant (vendor / product seller) I recommend this system as there is a network of affiliates inside it already, and you can simply drive your traffic on your site for those interested in the affiliate program to the page for your Shareasale program. Then you’re done, the application, setup, link tracking, is all handled by Shareasale.

There is a monthly fee and a setup fee, but try to think of the costs if you were to setup your own affiliate system and maintain it. Plus you would need to recruit and manage all your own affiliates. Sure, it is do-able, but I’d only recommend that when you have a pretty well established team and system in place.

Merchant Signup

If you are a merchant – signup here for the Shareasale merchant affiliate program

Affiliate signup

If you’re an affiliate (looking to earn income with commission generation) signup here.

Best of luck on monetizing and growing your income online – many don’t focus on it enough.

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