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This very blog is hosted on Host Gator (as of Dec 2018!). We have a decent relationship with Hostgator over the years and are currently using their managed wordpress solution so that it backs things up for us each year.

It also comes with a wildcard SSL so we are able to use that for our domain reseller subdomains.

I am using Hostgator on this very blog – I just bought a 3 year managed wordpress plan with 2 sites (Mikes Blog and my Chinese blog). Its been a couple years already since I did that – and it truly has been smooth. That is the great part about having a managed WordPress blog – all the updates and maintenance seems to be done by the hosting company automatically. I have said in this directory listing as well as in others on the site – un-managed WordPress hosting is definitely cheaper, but that is because you need to manage it! That means making sure you update the plugins, update the theme, etc. The longer you wait to update, the more likely it is to get hacked. I know how much it sucks to get your website hacked – so just make the smart decision and use managed WordPress solution – unless you only have 1 site and you will (promise) to stay logged in all the time and update it.

Back to Hostgator – I’ve used various packages of theirs for years on and off. The support really does seem to be 24/7 (as I’m in Asia so it helps a lot) and I have been lucky on the last couple packages I have used of theirs.

I also use a Reseller level package of hostgator (I know, I have a ton of hosting) – but the issue with the reseller package is it is not managed wordpress hosting. Meaning you, or the clients you sell to, need to update the WordPress on their own. I keep mentioning this because it is true – if you don’t update there is big risks to getting hacked!

Check out hostgator today!

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