Cloudways: Flexible Managed Cloud Hosting Service

In by Michael Michelini

Cloudways was introduced to me by a buddy Rene after he searched so many hosting solutions. I was complaining about the overage alerts from one of my other hosting companies and he said Cloud Ways is the best scalable solution.

It is pretty high tech!

You basically have so many choices that I almost worry it isn’t suitable for newbies.

I plugged in with Digital Ocean (as it was the cheapest to be honest!) and then setup a WordPress instance. You get a subdomain on their server so you can preview it before going live – which has helped a ton.

When you need to upgrade, you simply pick how much more server space you want and pay. But Rene told me you need to be careful as you can’t so easily downgrade once you upgrade – but it is still much better than getting these annoying alerts from other hosting companies and no real way to upgrade.

Starting at 10usd a month seems like a fair deal – and the coolest part is there is a 3 day free trial (as of the time writing this) – which seems dangerous as I can sense spammers taking advantage of a 3 day no credit card required hosting trial.

I’ll update this post on my hosting experience with Cloudways but so far am enjoying it quite a bit. So its flexibility and scalability.

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Cloudways: Flexible Managed Cloud Hosting Service
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