6 Months Before I’m a Father, Again Reinventing Myself

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It’s Saturday night – I skipped out on a wine and cheese networking event – have been much less social than usual. But much more focused. I feel its what some would consider “re-inventing”, or maybe others would call maturing. Others maybe growing as a human being. I’m embracing it, and I will continue to “reinvent” until I find that ideal synergy that takes off like a rocket ship in life.

I think that is something we all need to force ourselves to look for – and it is hard to keep picking yourself up and re-thinking the way we live and our priorities.

Typing this blog in my new home office (photo today is the desk I’m typing this from – not the standing desk, the white table!), its a 2nd bedroom in a rather new apartment – flipped the mattress up and will use that as a backdrop for video recordings for Social Agent Youtube series.

I also have a Steve jobs figurine here as motivation while I record my podcasts (still a bit shy behind the microphone!)

But 6 months later, this home office will be converted to a baby room and I will be a father. Obviously a huge life event.

I remember graduating high school, and everyone signing t-shirts (because the yearbooks wouldn’t be finished printing tip the next year!) – and one of my classmates, Lindsay, wrote something like:

“Mike, you are awesome don’t let anyone make you change”

I think we all change, every day, its just a matter if we accept it or not – and if we’re not changing, we’re not growing.

I send out regular email updates to mentors and advisors of Social Agent, and my friend Gabree replied to my latest one:

Hi Mike,

looks like you are at the peak of your life! – baby on its way, beautiful wife, promising career… haha

Keep it up! I’m pretty sure you will be successful!


Thanks Gabree! Yes, so much change! I am so excited for it. Many say they have seen me change so much – its because I have !

I think its also because I found a woman I am happy with, I am working on a business I am passionate about, and I am working with a team of people who are amazing and complimentary skills to mine.

I’m also still challenging myself, every day. I am so happy I have a podcast going now. I’m working on video too.

I want to keep challenging myself, I feel the past few years for whatever reason I haven’t been doing that. I need to keep pushing.

During this moving of my serviced office to my home office – I had to throw out tons of old business files. That made me realize how much business I have been through. Was a little emotional about all those exciting times for each of those ventures. I also cleaned up my dropbox folders, wow, so much energy! And I’m still full of energy, just a much more focused energy.

But as I type this blog up in a temporary home office, knowing that in 6 months I will have a new roommate and have to setup shop somewhere else. I am excited to see how much I can reinvent myself and develop in these 6 months.

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    1. Thanks Paul!
      Just putting it all out there online . Love looking back at this and thinking where my mind was at that time versus the current time

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