On The Road Again – Life on The Road

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Just last night subletted my apartment in Shenzhen! With furniture and all….amazing…..now have 2 weeks until they move in and I have to find somewhere to LIVE…..

To Live……a home……….haha, I forgot the feeling of having a home!!

I am going to live life on the road. I have people to support me in China, Philippines, USA, even in UK – I am going to focus on business development. I have worked so hard to build up this network, and its so spread out all over the globe – I have been forced to learn how to work remotely. how to have a virtual office. Its not as easy as they say on all those websites i’ve read. It was back in 2007 when I read Tim Ferriss’s book Four Hour Work Week that was a game changer in my life for sure.

But in Tim’s book, he mentions that he was working like a maniac for years, day and night, and finally standardized and outsourced everything. He says that he wish he had found this secret earlier…..but I have one thing to say

IT DOES TAKE YEARS OF DAY AND NIGHT WORK to get to the point he got. He could not have skipped past those years of endless work to be able to have a shot at his “four hour work week” lifestyle. And I am sure its a bit of an extreme jesture “4 hour work week”…..

But in today’s world, with the internet, technology, and communication the way it is – location is becoming less and less of a factor except for face-to-face dealing. I will continue to force myself and the people around me to use online tools and methods to get projects and jobs done.

I do think I live life a bit extreme, but then again, what is life worth living for in the first place? I want adventure, I sure go it.

I will be, as I have been promoting myself, and American Businessman in China , an independent consultant, a go-to guy to bridge the divide between these 2 drastically different, at the same time oddly similar in other ways – China and USA.

Thinking to mainly go between Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Philippines. Living life with low amounts of possessions and material things. Meeting as many people as I can. Then I have a USA trip from Sept 15 to Nov 11 , so 2 months away from China, its also hard to have a physical address.

The next saga of life continues.

Anyone need a roommate in Shenzhen? Starting around July 15. Won’t be around too often, live light.
Think I have a few places to stay in Shanghai, it is rather expensive.
Philippines I have a 2nd story apartment to live while I’m there.

The plan, hasn’t changed too much:

  • Travel, business development for e-commerce between China and USA
  • Teach / Consult marketing and sales
  • Online Projects for English websites
  • Leverage managers to work independently in different parts of China and Philippines

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  1. hey,it is so so so surprise,because my bf just bought that book” Four hour work week” about 1 month agao.Last night, he read the book and told me: Jane,you should read it….” I will have a look.

    So where do you want to move to? you many start a thread on szstuff,,,,? hope everything will be fine^^

    1. Author

      hey Jane,
      you should definitely read that book 4 hour work week. If anything, it changes the way you think about work, management, and getting things done. It is a bit extreme though. some people believe it, others think it a story. Let me know what you think!

      I am talking to a few people now about living, we’ll see.

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