I got a Mac Air – I finally broke down

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Sorry PC friends…I have converted to a Mac….first ever in my whole life if you can believe it….well unless you count the iMini (i think its what it was called, it is a tiny clip on iPod thingie i got as a gift on wall street from a brokerage firm…..which i gave away rather quickly)

I needed a new PC….my HP battery is not lasting after a little over a year of owning it….and of course so many friends are pushing me to get a mac.

I’m just tired of projectors not workiacng, laptop turning off too quickly..and Chinese viruses made to attack windows operating systems….Also for surfing the net in China, my techie friends there promise me my life will be easier with a Mac

AND I AM LESS AND LESS “techie” and more and more “marketing and sales guy”..i’m just tired of trying to fix my computer or relying on people to help fix my computer…I am putting a lot of pressure on the expectation that Apple products just WORK. So lets see.

Its just unreal, to be honest I never saw myself buying a Mac. I guess I gotta respect *** Steve Jobs and Apple….. they were almost bankrupt back in 2001 and now have become one of the largest companies in the world.

It really comes down to the user experience….I really held stubborn with Windows operating system….mainly because I don’t like the idea of a “walled garden” that one company controls.

But here is the story of how I got this laptop….my current laptop keeps flashing warnings that I need to replace the battery. Replace the battery, who does that….aiya…I’ll get around to going to a market and finding this specific laptop model numbers compatible battery to replace it….but in the meantime i have to move on with my life and use my computer and do business. So spending Monday in Hong Kong, I met up with Leon….who being the Apple Fan boy that he is, just has to get his hands on the latest and greatest macbook air processor model that came out….and has been trying to sell his current mac book 13 inch.

So, what they hey, I need a new laptop, always hear crazy things about Mac, and don’t mind second hand.

Why second hand? Leon knows computers, he has upgraded this to the new Lion OS system, has the applications and settings in probably a slick enough way that I can quickly get up and started.

Typing this blog on the Macbook for the first time. Also outlining new podcasts for ecommerce I want to launch soon, and from what I hear, Mac is the machine to use for any multimedia or creative creation.

Stay tuned, will be very open about my overall experience converting from a Microsoft world to an Apple….but to be honest, it has already been easy and refreshing…..

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  1. “my current laptop keeps flashing warnings that I need to replace the battery”
    >> For sure it won’t happen on a MacBook! They don’t even want users to be able to change the battery, hahaha

  2. Congrats man! welcome – its tough getting used to the keyboard shortcuts and finding your applications – i dint think i completely figured that out yet but a couple years ago i was in your shoes. now i own a iMac, iphone, and ipad. computer life at home is now easy. things just work 🙂 except when you want to do something you dont know how to do ha ha – enjoy. I agree with your assessment – Steve Jobs is incredible at making an unbelievable product that people want!

    1. Author

      thanks dude, I am looking forward to blogging more “media” with it. As that is what I hear its really awesome for.

  3. I converted from 20+ years pc to mac last year. Macbook Pro, and Macbook air (I like the macbook air better). And I haven’t regretted it one moment. Rock stable and very user friendly. Of course in the beginning you will have to figure out how to get things done on the mac like you did on the pc. And I spent quite some time looking for the mac equivalents of the pc software I used. But in the end, it works out all just fine. Congratulations.

    1. Author

      hey Paul!
      thanks for your comment! I’ll let you know, but yea so far it hasn’t been too much trouble to change.

  4. APPLE HAS MORE billtons 70
    then usa had on aug. 01 . 2011
    hope it makes your work shorter
    mom said hi

    1. Author

      Well usa is all debt right….Apple has all the cash from people buying on credit cqrds and not able to pay it back

  5. I did it all. Started Windows, played with Linux… now I have 27″ iMac, 15 inch i7 MacBook Pro, 13 inch MacBook Pro, 11 inch MacBook Air, iPad 1, iPad 2, and an iPhone4. – Be careful, can become a disease 😉

    That said, the Air is the best machine I ever used. If I had to only choose 1, would be the Air 1000%

    Be patient. Takes a couple weeks to get used to the way OSC runs and deals with files, ect. But when you get it all figured out, I’m sure you’ll be pretty happy.

    1. Author

      thanks Ian
      Its already been upgraded to Lion, so some people can’t help show me things because they are on the old OS?

      I’m just skipping past all those prior Apple OS and getting to the good stuff. Had fun playing with the camera booth last night. good stuff…..its coming slowly but surely.

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