Reflecting, maybe its my birthday coming

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I think its because my birthday is coming, and that causes me to reflect on the past year, where i am going, what I want to be, and what is most important in my life.

I definitely could not have predict the path my startup life would have taken me, here is a quick overview:

2003 – (Mobatech) during my dayjob London training, talk to Greg Schwartz, also a new hire, about his senior design project turned into company – Mobatech Mobile Software. He wanted more sales and marketing exposure, and I decide to do some work with him. Which leads me to learn how much I love small business startups, and then it brings me to web stats.

2004 – (Stores Online) during research for internet marketing with Mobatech, I attend a free luncheon at hotel selling internet packages. My roommate, Andrew Moran, comes too. We end up signing up, no idea what to sell, but know we can do it.

2005 – (New York Bar Store) for the past 6 months, not clear on what to sell, selling random “guy stuff” via, but see bar products is where we’re succeeding. I see the NY skyline from my window, think of “pimp”, club, and bar, and put it all together to get

2007 – (Shadstone USA) trying to buy from china for New york bar store for a couple years, find it difficult, see opportunity, so quit my dayjob, move to California, and work on importing from China for small businesses.

2008 – (China) learning a lot about china business, but not “in the action”, after a month trip to China in 2007, I see the future in China and move there Dec 30, 2007. On the fence between import/export and internet/SEO, I start Shadstone in hong kong and china. electrapour is born. Meet Bas Sluitman and form cooperation with Spyble.

2009 – (DBR) Trying to be hold on to too many businesses, econimic condition puts strains on all ends, as each business requires more work to weather the economic storm. Find my real passion is internet marketing, and meet DBR holding in Finland. Combine Spyble programmers with Shadstone staff and re-focus 100% internet technology – and a new product is born : Sales Lion (google adwords PPC management system)

Just yesterday attended a SEO event in China, all in Chinese language….pretty funny, but wow, who would have thought I’d end up here 5 years ago.

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