Are You Ready to Rock? Weekend Warrior’ing

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Are you a weekend warrior? Its Saturday morning and a Chinese Holiday (Lantern Festival) and I’m still here doing my morning writing and later my “maker” work sessions.

Mornings to me are precious – its when my brain is awake and craving to create. Even if it is a weekend or a holiday – I just need to submit and let those words get down on paper. Plus I love what I do.

Although for this blog specifically – I am getting stuck as to what I should write about. I kind of spun off the business talk to Global From Asia, and have used this as a personal journal and venting place.

Yet still people find it for my old business blog posts – not knowing that I have a business blog now! I get some amazing emails here and they often ask where the business blog posts have been going.

So I ask you – what do you think of the blog – is it Ok ? Should I merge it with Global From Asia as some have suggested. Yet there is some quite personal blog posts here that would dilute the focus on the GFA blog.

Just a Saturday here grinding away and brainstorming the future of this blog. I am already preparing for this blog to turn 10 in March – can’t believe I have been rambling here that long! If anyone has some ideas for me – I’d love to hear ‘em.

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