Do We All Live Fair Tales Lives?

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I remember Braveheart was one of my favorite movies, a boy who due to his father’s death in battle while he was young, had to leave his hometown to live with his uncle far away. But this allowed him to learn much more, experience much more…expand his horizons. When he got older, “became a man”, he returned to his hometown. He saw his old friends, and his childhood crush. He sees his country is under some trouble (for this blog, the history doesn’t matter) but he holds back from using war as an answer. Unfortunately, while he tries to stay peaceful, the “holding down” of his people and the death of his newly wed wife pulls him into a rage and an adventure to set his country free.

The story goes on from there, but this is enough for what we have here – do we all live fairy tale lives? Do we all have our own miniature “braveheart” movie life, only without the killing? I normally do relate life as a battle. Business in today’s world replicates war in older times – dominating a market, crushing a competitor, brainwashing (I mean marketing) a group of people to support your brand and conquest (a brand being a country or a company, what is really the difference). And businesses are what really control a country anyway, seems politicians are just bobble heads for the big businesses.
I guess I always wanted to have a special life, not normal, not cookie cutter. Maybe I’m not talking about some fairy tale, but an adventure for sure. Maybe me, like everyone, is afraid of the “bad endings”, not achieving the goal, not “getting the princess”, and looking stupid. But we have to get past that…..

Life is what we make it. We can make up excuses there are other people holding us back…but that is just it – an excuse, a reason we cannot change the way we live. Maybe some say that is selfish, but hey, if you are not happy, you are probably not doing much to make others happy either. I believe life is about finding who we really are, and going for it.

I will admit, I am still AFRAID, still gotta just bite the bullet and live the life I feel destined to, not what my parents or family think is best (Or I think that they think is best, as I found from my blogging and my being real to my family, they support me no matter what) – not what our friends think is best, or anyone…just having the guts to go for it.

And not be afraid to fail.

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  1. Ah!another article for…how to say,meaningful,am i use a right word? i mean to say i am learning lots of important things or knowledge from you! God lucky me meet your blog:)
    Long time i have a dream,when i was a middle school student,my teaches asked me about my dream, i told her that my dream was travel around the world.well at that time i was so young,i just know a sentence “travel around the world”,but don’t know how to receive it.Until now it is also my dream,maybe i can do it,maybe i can’t.But the most important is,i must to know which life is i want.a simple or a special life,at this moment i like the last one.And from your experience,iknow that deception and courage is sooo important.thanks again! best wishes for you:)

    1. Sorry i checked again,many mistakes.i need to work hard.
      am i use maybe changed with am i used
      Lucky me for meeting maybe better
      longtime–for a long time
      i just know–knew ,the same as don’t–didn’t
      Maybe have more mistakes i don’t know,so sorry.don’t mind:)

  2. best to follow path less traveled..
    great saying.
    you have helped me life.
    the best writer!!!

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