Love Making Content – Just Had Dinner With a Blog Reader!

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This blog, Mike’s blog – isn’t my most popular blog – Global From Asia has much more focus and gets more traffic – but today’s story I’ll share on Mike’s blog even though its related to Global From Asia.

I get a ton of emails from readers who enjoy the content I am making and it helps them a lot. But this one was pretty cool.

Here it is –

Hi Mike,
We have never met. But believe it or not, you helped to almost double the new year bonus for myself and my staff in Shenzhen.

I am the OM of a small foreign-invested co in Shenzhen. I forwarded your excellent article on CNY bonus to my boss, who is based abroad, and it seems he was able to clearly understand the points you made.

If you are in Shenzhen or HK anytime after Feb 6th, let me know. I have to buy you at least a beer or something. My number is ))))))removed((( Thanks and keep up the good work!

Xin nian kuai le!!

(((I had to remove his name as he was afraid his employer would find it)))

So we talked back and forth in email – which lead to wechat – and we met last night (Thursday) to have dinner and drinks. He also offered a massage after but it was already past my normal bedtime (9:30pm) so I had to pass.

I wrote that article years ago, and it is still helping people to this day. That is my favorite part about writing articles and creating content. I am excited to know that even when I am dead, these articles can hopefully help people – although probably the landscape will have changed so much.

This is why I get a bit overwhelmed with 1 on 1 communication methods – yet so many people prefer to ask questions on chat, email, or phone. That drives me crazy, because most of the time I have answered it in a blog post.

So what I like to do, is take their email question, and turn it into a blog post. Actually our dinner last night sparked a few more questions, and I have been getting more and more people asking me about VPN help. Yet, it is true – some of these answers I simply can’t share publicly – I live inside China and don’t want to risk having my name attached to the article.

Yet I do enjoy helping people – yet – I had to re-install Wechat last night because it was 1.5 gigs of data on my phone and crashing everything else. Trying my best to push everyone to content – that is free – just so that I can scale my help to people.

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