6 Productivity Hacks That Have Been Life Changing

6 Productivity Hacks That Have Been Life Changing

In blog, productivity by Michael Michelini

Mike has studied productivity a ton and even made a quick ebook at https://regardingwork.com/book – (you can download free)

Here he will give some pointers and make a quick video for Shadstone Ninjas.

Tip 1 – Plan your day the night before

Think of the top 3 things you need to do the next day – and write it down (ideally on a journal – see below).

The concept is – you will sleep on it, process it while you sleep, and do it the next day.

Tip 2 – Write down on a paper journal

Christian gave Mike a great Christmas gift back in 2022 – a leather journal (which we hope to sell on Amazon soon via Excalibur Brothers)

Mike uses it each day – for his day plan and to track his work.

Don’t make it too complicated – on the left side Mike writes each 30-minute set (Pomodoro) he does, and on the left, he has the top 3 things he wants to get done that day.


Tip 3 – Try to do pomodoros (30 minute sets) : Music + timer

Mike had used brain.fm – which is 30 minute non-vocal music – but then he just downloaded them and you can get them here

(Shadstone ninjas please check Shadstone handbook for resource)

He puts a headset in his phone and then plays this music

At the same time, he uses a gym boss – with 30 minute set, 5 minute break, and repeats that for 7 cycles (7 sets) which is about the morning until lunch.

Tip 4 – Putting Writing / thinking Things in Morning Writing Calendar


Over the years – mike got stressed about email and long messages on chats to reply to. But what he did to deal with it – was he would go to google calendar and make an entry:

Next day – 7:30am, topic – reply to ____, or do _____

This way – it
A) gets it out of your mind / stress – but is not forgotten
B) lets you sleep on it, think about it over the day
C) separates your thinking time from your management time

Then the next morning, when I start my morning writing session -I go to the google calendar and see all the different items I put in my 730am writing slot to address.

I map them all out, put on a 30 minute pomodoro timer + music – and get working.

Tip 5 – Decide When is Your Creative Time, and Your Management Time

There is a creative time – when you should not get distracted by calls, meetings, and other things – but we cannot simply never do those things.

In many startups – they say 1 partner is the manager, while the other is the maker – but I try to balance both

The way I do it is break up my day into 2 (sometimes 3) parts:

Morning = creative work – writing, design, deep thinking. Notice it is hard to get morning calls with me.

Afternoon – management – email, phone calls, meetings,

Evening – more of the management.

In afternoon + evening – if I have a request / idea for creative work – I don’t do it right away- I add it to my calendar for 730am the next day.

Tip 6 – Find what works for you – but it is about 1 thing at a time

Now I know most of you are overloaded at Shadstone – as I know we have so many projects and clients.

Multitasking is not real. It is not possible. The human brain can only do 1 thing at a time.

Now, you know I do a million things in a day – but I do one thing at a time. Plan it, do it, and move on to the next.

It is a muscle, and this all takes time. And each of us has our own flow.

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