A Handy Timer Used For Pomodoro - GymBoss

A Handy Timer Used For Pomodoro – GymBoss

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Since 2014 or 2015 I have been using this interval timer day in and day out. This is my fourth one now so I want to make a video to showcase how I use it and what I am using it for.

Main Use – 30 Minute Pomodoro Work Session, 5 minute break

As I type up this blog post, I am watching the count down as it is clipped on my laptop screen.

I also have a 30 minute “brain.fm” music vibe going as well.

Once the 30 minute focus session is doing, it automatically beeps/vibrates and I unclip it from my laptop screen and clip onto my shirt or pants and take a 5 minute rest break. Fill up my tea, restroom, quick chats, stretch.

Then it beeps again for my next 30 minute focus work set.

Also worth noting I track the 30 minute pomodoros on a small notebook and then have a google sheet tracking my daily sets.

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Second Use – 10 minute morning workout

And then this is where the name “gym boss” is relevant. I do use it for workout. I have a 50 second workout interval, and a 40 second break (technically I used to have a second kind of Gymboss – one that had multiple intervals and would do 3 sets at 50 seconds and 1 break set at 40 seconds and then repeat 3 times)

Both work out to be approx ten minutes – and it is part of my morning routine. Truly helps me clear my mind, stretch my body, and get work done.

You can see about the 3x bands I use (resistance bands) here.

Grab Your Gymboss

You can pick it up at gymboss website or on Amazon here.

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